Returning player Polarized Weapons, How do you tank with no resists?

How to tank

Just fine. Lots of active tank and buffer. ignore all resist mods and get as much active tank as possible. Increased passive regen does not work well because it also relies on high resistances so that the regen can keep up with incoming damage.

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DPS tank.
If the enemy is dead they can’t shoot you.


I’ve experimented with polarized tengu. You can crack about 1500 dps while getting high 800ehp per second tank. Requires a lot of of bling. Not worth it for most ships.

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I fly a polarized maller in fleets, because no one focuses a maller.

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Now they do…shhhh, loose lips sink ships.

Polarized weapons are for suicide gankers really.

They are too expensive (probably intentional) to be used in suicide ganking fits.

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Nah. Look at the ammo count. Never rule out crazy stuff like triple rep kronos

Used polarized blasters on my Moa, 657 DPS or around that, killed everything, needed my drones for fast frigs and shield boost was barely used.
I used shield extenders for extra HP, but really shouldn’t have, the Moa gets a sig bonus being small.

I’m surprised nobody has said sig tank yet.

For a while I experimented with a polarized phantasm in abyssal space (back when the traces were seeded on sisi). It worked great, right up until the moment it didn’t. :dizzy_face:

Ofc I’ve not run a single trace on TQ, instanced content can blow me.

Instanced until the player comes back to K-space.
Then he can be easily ganked.
Which is what would have to happen in high sec anyway.

Not sure why people are still bringing this up like it is a problem.

Because it flies in the face of Eve, which is and always was a giant open sandbox. Consider the new abyssal pvp. Instanced.

As for getting ganked, yea, that’s entirely possible - but if you’re running them in HS, you’re stupid. Run them in your staging system in null. That way your eyes on the trace can tell you when it’s safe, and you can call for 30-40 dudes to push them off the trace if you even need to - 99% chance they wouldn’t stick around to wait for you to come out anyways.

Compare that to something like a 10/10, where a probe launcher is everything you need to run the bastard down.

You mean the place where it is safe to do anoms in supers and mining?

You want me to compare it to something outside of a staging system? Why would I do that when they are ran safely in staging systems just like super ratting and rorqual mining.

Unlike super ratting and rorqual mining it is more dangerous to do the Abyss in high sec.

Worrying about instanced in a place that is under a super umbrella is dumb as it doesn’t effect any sandbox.
Worrying about instanced in high sec where the player can be ganked anytime he tries one doesn’t effect any sandbox.

When they make the abyss accessible from a station that you never have to undock from then ill jump on the “instance whine” bandwagon.

Until then this feature doesn’t hamper anyone.

Go ahead and ask me how many caps I’ve lost ratting in null. It starts with a zero. I always know that I’ve got heavy hitters a ping away, if I do ■■■■ up and get tackled somehow.

Regardless, that’s apples to oranges. Roamers won’t hang out on a trace and hope it’s worth their effort/time (you really saying you want to hang out for up to 20 minutes in hostile space with a few hundred hostiles in local?). Even if they kill a blingy ship, they’ll get a couple bil on the km… compared to much easier targets that don’t leave them exposed to getting hard-countered.

Compare that to inhibing and defanging a super for 20x the km value. The risk/reward ratio for waiting on an abyssal trace is absolute â– â– â– â– .

“Worrying” isn’t happening at all. BECAUSE of the sandbox. Anything can happen… including a cyno and 50 capitals.

And again… compare the difference between running a 10/10 and running abyssal stuff. I can probe down an escalation runner and hit them before a response fleet can arrive. All I can do is wait for the abyssal runner.

That instanced content provides perfect safety while they’re in the instance (because they have control over the type of space they enter, their risk should be zero if they aren’t ■■■■ at Eve).

It does? Why are there so many loss mails from inside the abyss?
I mean…literally thousands of losses in the abyss before pvp was ever introduced.
So safe.

I used the wrong word. I should have said whining.

10/10 escalations happen outside of the staging system. Abyssals are ran in the staging system. Apples and licorice.

With the abyss runners you know with 100% certainty that if they survive the “not safe” interior they will be exiting in a location within 5k of the scannable exterior. Probing down intelligent 10/10 runners is nearly impossible. They can warp off and leave at any time. Not true for the abyss.

AND AGAIN… When they make the abyss accessible from a station that you never have to undock from then ill jump on the “instance whine” bandwagon.

It’s funny… you quote the first half of what I say but not the second. So allow me to put the second half in again:

The people who died dun ■■■■■■ up. There’s no fixing that because stupid is as stupid does.

Everyone who lives in null can probably name someone that lost a ship to a hunter in a 10/10. Yes, you have to be stupid to get caught in one (honestly, with all the intel available you have to be stupid to get caught at all). Yet… it happens. The difference here is you can go and do it when you want to, not in 1-20 minutes when the ship comes out of the trace.

Exiting within 5km of the trace is meaningless when you’ve called for the standing fleet to come and bail you out before you even exit. For that matter, they can have logistics in the fleet ready to keep you alive if you can’t wait for them to push the hostiles off first.

AWOXing players are shown as hostiles in null alliances?
You don’t know of any players that ever got killed in a staging system?
So the instance whine is irrelevant…unless…

Right… an awoxer is going to waste their awox on an abyssal runner. As opposed to a boson titan, or supercarrier worth 20-30x more. Don’t be ridiculous. If they get an almost-free kill, they aren’t going to waste it on something as pathetic as a cruiser.

Of course, but when roamers come knocking, we bring the heat. I’d far rather have that safety net behind me than “it’s HS so they’d have to use at least 3 catalysts in the gank - that’s way too much effort, right?!”. A response fleet does not promise safety, but it does promise more safety than waiting to be ganked in HS.

They do it to T3 cruisers pretty often. Guess you’re wrong…again.

Like I said.