Returning player Polarized Weapons, How do you tank with no resists?

(Old Pervert) #21

Plural, or singular? Remember that a single awox and that infiltration is over. They’ve been outed, and they aren’t going to be able to awox that alliance again. If they’re wasting their awox on a T2 cruiser, they’ve got major intelligence issues. And I honestly do not believe that they’d waste it on a T3C.

There are way better targets.

I mean… if you want to keep quoting the same inane argument over and over again, in spite of it’s lack of relevance to the actual topic, I can do that too… it’s not a very productive argument though.

Instanced is instanced. The player is completely sheltered while they’re in the site, with literally no risk coming from other players. If they do it right, there won’t be anyone waiting for them when they exit (or at the very least, you’ll have logistics on hand to keep you from dying while the response fleet deals with things).

Relative to actual sandboxed content, that is a net loss in gameplay.

(techzer0) #22

But but but awoxing never happens to cruisers…lol wrecked. :rofl:

Not instanced when they exit and completely open to a gank or a kill.
So instanced is not relevant. We can keep going inane bleah bleah. :rofl:

Just in your head.


(Old Pervert) #23

Did you actually look at any of those losses? Cause I just did, and virtually all of them have nothign to do with legitimate awox. The ones that do look like awox are against capitals. Such as this one:

Of course… I do see one where a frigate with a cyno got blapped by a loki. Except… there’s no loki loss, so clearly no awox happened - likely the dude lit himself a cyno, bridged in, and blapped the cyno.

Wrecked indeed!

(techzer0) #24

Yep…and quite a few cruisers getting awoxed.
Cool that you posted frigs when we weren’t talking about frigates.

So this magically is no longer a cruiser because???
So um yeah?

Whatever dude…you do you.
Lie to yourself and keep crying and whining about something that isn’t a problem.

Fact remains that Abyssal instanced playing doesn’t hurt the sandbox at all.

Well at least until…

Done arguing with you.

(Old Pervert) #25

You are ■■■■■■■ stupid.

Look at what did the damage? Dude got killed by a SB ratting mach. He clearly warped to the wrong site. Not to mention, no point and no cyno.

Do you even think before you post this ■■■■?

(techzer0) #26

Proven wrong so you start name calling?
Not very original.
I didn’t look at the killmail. Why would I? I said cruisers are killed by awoxers. They are.

Stop being a whiny bitch. Don’t like it? Quit. It isn’t going away.

Oh and…

(Old Pervert) #27

What did you prove? That a VNI warped into a pair of machs that were smartbombing and ate ■■■■? How is that a real awox?

Just because the cruiser died to blues doesn’t mean it’s an awox. An awox is when someone infiltrates a group and sets up a kill. Not “hurr I just warped to the wrong site, RIP me”.

As you’ve asserted that a legitimate awox will be committed against a T3C, you go ahead and find an actual awox. Of any cruiser even. A real one this time though.

Just as inane as before.

(techzer0) #28

Get back to me when you actually have a presence on the killboard at all.
Currently you don’t even exist.

You’re just some troll that likes to lie about things you know nothing about.
Are you Salvos?

You need 100% evidence of a kill on a cruiser from an Awoxer?
I got you bitch.

Steve Wilkos was a blue. Personal experience.

I win. You’re a bitch.
All is right in the world.


Just because you don’t like that something is right doesn’t make it inane.

(Old Pervert) #29

Oh I’m sorry… you just realized that your argument is utterly stupid, so you resort to argumentative fallacies to fall back on?

Attack the argument, if you can. I know you can’t, you know you can’t, so instead you fall back on that. There is absolutely nothing incorrect about what I’ve said. Which brings me back to:

Right… he was blue to you. I can’t help but notice though that the tengu and the hurricane (steve wilkos) are in different alliances.

Were you blue to him? I’ve killed people before who were screaming in local that they were blues, yet they were neutral to me. At the end of the day, their leaders forgot to reset the people that needed to be reset (us).

That you had to go back 8 years to get even one plausible example is both horrifying and funny at the same time.

You’re right, it doesn’t matter if I like it or not. It’s quite simply inane regardless of my opinion.

(techzer0) #30

And rightfully so.
Maybe play the game you sit and whine about all day before you sit and whine about it all day.

I usually am. I was the one of the guys awoxing dipshit.

(Old Pervert) #31

There it is. Your complete lack of any further argument has lead to outright troll posting. It’s okay, not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up. The world still needs burger flippers too.

So lets go back to your original assertion:

Pretty often

Yea… you’ve got one example from 8 years ago. When the game was an entirely different thing, and it was a much more likely case to awox a T3C because not only were they less common, but they were twice the price (and that’s before we start looking at what isk was worth then compared to now).

What happened to the pretty often part? ■■■■, I’d settle for one in the last few months.

(techzer0) #32

When you actually play the game get back to me. Until then you’re just some troll that whines about instancing in a game you don’t play or know anything about.

(Old Pervert) #33

I play nearly every day. Once again, you have no way to attack my argument because you’re flat out wrong. So you try to side-step the fact that you have no footing, by trying to attack me instead.

It’s time for me to go be a dad for a while - feel free to answer, if you can, I’ll get back to you when I’m free. In the meantime, a little light reading for you:

(techzer0) #34

Zero presence on the killboard proves otherwise.

I did above and won. CCP even agrees that this content is good.
Only a bunch of trolls are complaining about it.

No i brought additional information like you have 0 presence on the killboard and you’re a whiny bitch.
Additional information is not side stepping. I just added information proving you a liar.

You attacked me first dipshit. Now you can’t handle it? Grow up bitch. :rofl:

Now settle. :smirk:

(Anderson Geten) #35

Please. As much as I agree with you on the fact people are whinning for the pleasure of whinning, and as much as I think oldpervert is a bitch, you should keep civil becasue you are not bringing constructive discussion to the topic.

The topic started interesting, after that people come to whine, and you go buttfirst in the troll.
so. Just keep the “wrecked” or other childish allusions

/me is sad that an interesting thread got derailed again.

(Sienna Khalifa) #36

going back into topic:

these weapons are supposedly designed to make you into a Glass Cannon. so, stacking defenses sounds counterproductive. so as the other’s said early in the thread, its going with extreme repping capabilities or being agile/low sig to skip enemy firepower.

buffer tank gimps your speed or makes you receive more punch than what your hitpoints can support so i guess they’re a no no unless you’re in fleet with a logi doing the repping for you.

also those weapons look really expensive.

(Sebs Pride) #37

I see polarize navy omens a lot back when I played a year ago.
If you would warp into its plex rep fitted, he would just melt you.

But we started killing him when we switched to buffer fitted omen to counter him, real one trick pony.

(Dracoknight) #38

So we went from Polarized modules, to polarized opinions?
Whats up with Null-dwellers crying when highsec get new toys? I suppose highsec 2.0 (a.k.a Null ) have grown so dull that they try to herd the carebears out of Concord areas.

Anyway havent given the polarized modules a toss yet, i barely stay alive otherwise, maybe i give it a try with a bomber and see if that does the trick?

(Mortis Betruger) #39

OP here I just wanted to know how to tank with these new weapons, I came back after 4 years. This thread reminds me of how the forums used to be when it was fun to read about everybody arguing about this or that. From what I see after being gone for 4 years is that PC culture has made its way in to Eve.

(Old Pervert) #40

Zero presence on the killboard proves nothing. I could be an industrial player, I could be a market player. Or I could be posting from my market alt.

You stated that awoxers hit T3Cs often. And to justify that you linked a kill from 8 years ago. Try again. As for the abyssal content, of course they think their own stuff is good.

I create discourse about something that I don’t like. That is the purpose of the forums. You again fixate on something with zero relevance, attempting to use ad hominem in place of a legitimate argument.

Oh I can handle it just fine, I have been the entire time. Not my fault your argumentation skills are ■■■■. Imagine for example, this analogy. A blind man argues that the sky is blue and provides reasoning (Rayleigh scattering, nitrogen atmosphere, etc). You state that because he’s blind he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and must be wrong. The argument itself was never even addressed, and instead the opponent incorrectly attempts to discredit the person making the argument.

As for your KMs, the legion might be an awox. Look at the tengu though… 599 damage - he clearly hit himself with a smartbomb once while clearing the site and wiped. Do you even know what you’re looking for here or are you just randomly linking kills and assuming that they’re awoxes because zkill says they might be?

And again, what part of this is often?

Except my argument contains no fallacy. I’m not saying that because you use ad hominem fallacies your argument is false. I’m saying that up until that legion kill you linked, your only evidence to support “awoxers kill T3Cs often” was a KM from 8 years ago.