Returning player Polarized Weapons, How do you tank with no resists?

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Other than you don’t even play the game.
Post with your main.

Speaking of fixation.
Guess if you fixate on the T3 comment you get to ignore the other part of it.

Okay guy that doesn’t even play the game.

That means you should settle. Because you said you would. Proven a liar again.

Calling ad hominem a fallacy is your argument from fallacy.
You attacked me first. Making you a hypocrite with your ad hominem statement.

The abyss while instanced has been proven with actual killmails that it isn’t safe nor is the exit instanced.

When you can enter the abyss from a station without having to undock then at that time it will become a bad thing.

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I use it to blap mobile tractor units + depots and GTFO.

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How does it prove that? Like I said, I could easily be an industrialist. But lets assume you’re right. Lets say I don’t play the game, that I haven’t even logged in within the last 5 years. Does that somehow make my words mean different things? I’ll post on the character I choose to post on.

On the contrary. I don’t say you’re wrong because you are using ad hominem, you’ll note that in all cases I attacked your lack of reasoned argument (replaced solely with ad hominem). “No you don’t have any presence on zkill, you don’t know what you’re talking about” is your fallacy.

Argument from fallacy would be for me to say “because you used ad hominem, your reasoned argument that the sky is blue is invalid”. Yet the predication that you used a reasoned argument at all is false, ergo I did not dismiss your argument because no such reasoned argument was even made.

Ah… but see… while attacking someone is indeed ad hominem, my argument was still present and reasoned. Argumentum Ad Hominem is when one makes an argument based on a personal attack. I simply called you an idiot, and presented reasoning and argument on the topic. And I stand by that, the more you post the more stupidity you present.

Really? A liar? You made an assertion, and it wasn’t until just that last post that you were able to provide even the most miniscule support for your assertion. I said I’d accept a KM in the last few months, and you provided a single plausible one. I consider that settled. I specifically said that the legion looked like a legitimate awox. So how exactly was that a lie?

I then went on to call you stupid for linking the tengu kill. You clearly either don’t know what you’re looking for, or you weren’t even looking at the KMs. I then cited clear and obvious proof of this assertion. He clearly hit himself with a single SB cycle while running a 10/10 in a Widow - which is a very common practice. But don’t take my word for it, apparently I don’t play Eve. And I still know more about it than you do… or at the very least, know how to read.

The best for last:

Fixation. Yes. I frequently use my goldfish-level attention span to drop an ongoing debate, to avoid fixating on things. It’s an active topic, based on your direct assertion. And as I said earlier (though apparently I’m somehow lying?) I wanted a KM from within a few months, you managed to link one. It’s certainly not “often”, especially if you look at the number of real awox against capitals and blingy stuff (actually blingy stuff), but it does happen sometimes.

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OP - Ignoring active/passive shield and armor tank you still have two types of tank to experiment with: speed/signature and EWAR.

EWAR and polarized weapons are an ideal match. Rather than worry about your EHP just make sure they can’t hit you by using superior range control combined with sensor damps, tracking/guidance disruptors, etc. Plenty of fun fits out their waiting to be discovered.

Speed tank can also work if you have the piloting skills.

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How people have said, DPS, active tank and staying out of enemy weapons range.

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keeping in mind polarized guns have a reduced range.

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What do we use polarized weapons for? Burner Missions

Why? The point is to fly around your target at a range where they cant hit you back while destroying them

How do you tank? You don’t, just having your orbit slip up and fall to a suboptimal range puts you in range of the burner to literally 1 shot you.

When you use polarized weapons you do not intend on being shot back.

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