Be An Asset To Your Corporation

I would like to get the communities opinion on how to be an incredible asset to my corporation.

I am 8 days old in EVE Online. Being an information sponge, I have probably done more research on this game while mining than I have actually playing the game lol. While gathering tons of information on the nature of this game and the activities involved, I’m beginning to form clear goals to make my time in EVE an awesome and long-lasting experience. After joining an incredibly helpful and supportive corporation, I have come to the conclusion that I would get the most out of New Eden by becoming a powerhouse resource for my corp. This is a multiplayer game, and to prevent myself getting burnt out, I want to be able to interact with and provide for my friends on a higher level than simple casual play.

I have already mentioned to the owner that I want to be a researcher for our corp (providing fully researched BPO’s for our Blueprint Library). I have the proper skills on queue at the moment (as Omega). I am not too interested in spending a terrible amount of time mining, hauling, or manufacturing. I am interested in ANY group activity, however, and would love to some day be an organizer and a leader. So my question to everyone here is this…

What are some of the best ways to become a respectable and reliable asset to my Corporation as soon as possible?

Good FCs are probably the most respected anywhere because they regularly provide fun content with good fights. Since you want to pigeonhole yourself into a very narrow type of inactivity

will be a long and arduous road.

As a new player you can provide the most value by participating in corp activities, be active in chat, help create a team as opposed to a group of individuals doing their own thing. As you gain knowledge and experience, you may choose to get involved in corp management - be the guy who hauls the loot buyback contents to Jita and sells it. Or the guy who flies the Orca to boost a corp mining fleet, or the guy who flies logi or other support role in an invasion fleet.

There are lots of absolutely necessary but not always appreciated jobs to keep a corporation running but, during your first few months in the game, you want to be a generalist. Train the magic 14, sample the buffet of opportunities in Eve. Very few of us end up where we thought we were going during our first month in the game!

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This is true, but not in the way you’re thinking.

If you want to be an asset to your corporation, you need to know how to take care of yourself first. Just jumping straight into Blueprint research without actually knowing what it entails isn’t helping you become a “powerhouse resource” for your corporation. You’re better off not wasting your ISK, time, and skillpoints on blueprint research, because blueprints are generally worthless (yeah, even the 10/20 researched ones), unless you have a very specific goal in mind.

As a new player, your first goal should be to learn the game. Learn what the ships are, what each are capable of, how to fit them, how to fly them, etc. Next, you should learn how to become self-sufficient. You should be able to know (and be able to) make the amount of ISK that you need in order to sustain your own activities in the game. Finally, you need to learn how to find and/or create content, either for yourself, or for your corporation.

You don’t want to be another guy who has zero skills and zero knowledge but just has a blueprint library. Any shmuck can just have a blueprint library. You can literally just go to Jita right now and buy up all the fully researched BPOs in the game off contracts. You want to be someone who others can rely upon because you have the skills and can demonstrate it in practice.

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as usually, i fully agree with Scoots. I would add : TAKE YOUR TIME, mate. Find one thing you like, become an expert in this stuff, and you will help your corp. You like explo? learn it, train skills, practice, and one day you will scan and find wormholes routes for your corpmates. You like hauling? do it, practice, earn isks, and one day you will do trips to and from Jita to haul stuff for your corp (for free). You like pvp? learn to tackle, learn to correctly fly a dictor, or be a logi, and you will be very useful for your corpmates. etc
Take your time

the good point is that you have (or you will have) an aim which will give sense to what you do in eve, rather than being ike all the new players who just aim at earning isks. For what? just for earning isks by itself.

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I would not do this if I were you. Bpcs are cheap, and already well researched. It takes years, and i mean YEARS to FULLY research some BPOs, with most taking weeks, months to fully research, not to mention, the relatively higher cost of the BPO itself. Buying BPCs is a better, cost effective way, and provides more safety and security, as stealing BPCs are more tolerable than fully upgraded BPOs.

I really appreciate all the feedback here, my friends. You all seem very well versed and definitely helpful. Let me clarify some things…

Ms Steak, you mention the road to leadership being long a arduous. I would expect nothing less, especially becoming an FC. I take every opportunity to join my corp in every activity. Though PvP is not yet a focus in our young Corp, we are planning to organize something soon and I have made it clear that I intend to participate and learn as much as I can.

Do Little, you mention participation and being a generalist for experience. Also, I’ve had the magic 14 queued up since day 1 (really helpful). I have taken every opportunity to join my Corp in mining operations, some low- and null-sec ratting, and had one guy take me to learn how to dscan, scan for wormholes, and hack into some relics in that WH. It was pretty cool. Basically, I am diving into any and everything I can and absorbing as much information as possible.

Scoots Choco, I should clarify that I am not just straight up focusing on BP research. That would be silly. However, it is extremely easy for me to put some BPOs on research and just go do other things. It’s very passive, but our Corp is very newbro friendly so even some of the simplest BPs help out a lot as our Directors are always offering materials and BPCs to those who need them. The only reason I began researching is because the Directors expressed it to be important and helpful, which I’m all about. In the meantime, as I mentioned above, I am surrounding myself with new activities all the time and focusing on learning and improving the basic essentials, as well as leaning a bit towards those things I personally find fun and satisfying. Already I’m developing clearer and clearer ideas on how to organize groups for teamwork activities. I open so many doors every day, it’s incredible.

Wyk Bathana, I have to say I probably take more time than I should haha! It took me 9 days just to finish my career agent missions because I’ve been jumping all over the place to spend time with Corpmates or try something new by myself. Isk is great to have and easy to make, but I’m ALWAYS investing millions of isk into new avenues that will provide more isk or provide the experience required to make more isk. Always setting goals.

Solonius Rex, as I mentioned above, I just love the idea of researching my Corp’s BPOs because it’s been expressed as important and it’s a very passive activity. I keep my eyes peeled to find BPOs we dont yet have, and I research those we already do with a focus on the popular disposables for newbros (t1 ammo, rigs, ships, etc).

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