Beautiful New Art, Blocked by Old Windows

I’ve been enjoying the improvements to the art of the game over the last few years but something is starting to become apparent to me when i play on smaller screens from time to time, like my laptop. That is, Why should I still have so much trouble seeing anything else on my screen besides Various windows that I need open while running a fleet, or just ratting. You can make the windows more opaque by pinning them but they’re not opaque enough and there are no other options.

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I play on a 15.6" in FullHD with UI scaled to 90% and I can say I don’t have any issues.
You can change the transparency of windows in the escape menu, somewhere.

What are you looking at, a screen for ants running at 800x600?

Thank you. I found where to turn transparency up to max and I think it helped. I really just want to see more of the art so i can enjoy the game instead of feeling like all i had to look at were windows… I guess it would still be nice to go further and be able to select a glass-like transparency.

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Hey, great if that helps you with your problem! :smiley:

Still feel there is some work to be done… they’ve done so much to improve the visual effects… I think it should be matched by an effort to allow us to see and experience those effects with absolutely the least amount of interference from the HUD/Windows, which I think have a good amount of room for improvement.

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Well there’s still CTRL+F9.
Better than nothing.

I really don’t see your issue, tbh. Sure, the windows can be annoying,
but in the end you can hide them in case you want to marvel at the graphics.

I certainly don’t have your problems. My text is small, my windows are small,
my whole screen is small! :slight_smile:

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