Become a Dudeist Monk

The Church of the Latter-Day Space Dudes are looking for aspiring Dudeist monks and whatever lady monks are called to spread the love throughout the Verse.

Essentially we need somebody to man the phones at the minute as there’s only me and a hippy… At the present time we are on GMT/EU timezone and active at the moment 6PM and 11pm so if your on visit our in game channel THE BUNGALOW. Or email Bucky McBurny

We dont know where we are going and dont really give a ■■■■ as its all in the lap of the DUDE

Learn the Way of the master Tang-King so you will not perish

Learn how to avoid the way of Wang-King and lose all your ■■■■ to gankers

We need…or would like people with a robust sense of humour, balls (or whatever ladies have), a desire to explore the Verse and interact with its denizens in a positive manner…and a bit of team spirit. Industrialists, miners, ratters are required to start with. We will get into PvP either when some ■■■■ wardecs us or we get our act together and get into Null-Sec.

The Church of the Latter-Day Space dudes likes Alpha clones but would really like some dudes with experience to give out advice and to create content. You are expected to be self sufficient however skill books will be issued to those willing to learn the Way Of the Dude.

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