Been away for a while, couple of questions

I’ve noticed that the LP payout is less then half of what the mission is supposed to payout, what gives?

And could I buy weekend bundle instead of having an active sub, I only have time on weekends nowadays.


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Got it, makes perfect sense now, thank you.


Yes, you can buy the weekend bundle instead of activating a sub… especially if you’re only going to play on weekends.

However any Omega skills you have in the training queue will stop as soon as the weekend bundle expires. Considering the fact that there’s on average about 4 weekends in a month, regular price of that equals out to at least $16.00 a month.

Granted those bundles are currently on sale for $3.75 per pack but there’s no guarantee they’ll still be on sale the next weekend. Might wanna consider getting a 3 month sub ($47.98 total = $15.99 per month price) or get a longer sub for a better price. That way any Omega skills you have in training queue will continue to train during the week.

Anyway, welcome back… may you have a long and successful career here in New Eden…



Though they save almost %50 if they only fly omega every other weekend.

Yeah, and if they have Omega skills training in queue, those skills will stop training as soon as the bundle expires…

That’s why I mentioned getting a sub.