Being dropped

Im being dropped all the time…it seems like after about 40 odd minutes I seem to get dropped…I have 3 accounts. It doesnt seem to be from my side…Ive checked my internet etc …
Thx Jagged

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Im doing fine, thank you. No drops for me.

Maybe EVE doesnt like you. She keeps swiping left, while you keep trying to swipe right.

Have you checked with your ISP? Some ISP throttle connectivity when they don’t receive on-time payments or when you download a lot of gigabytes within one period.

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Yup and that crashes my wifi XD My internet would go offline for a brief period.

That’s extreme. Who is your ISP, Scrooge McDuck?
I only experience slowdowns, that’s my cue to send ISP some cash.

AT&T :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Can’t get a custom router can’t do anything :frowning: Can’t even get wifi 6 early w/o upgrading and paying more. Apparently it will be some years before they force upgrades.

But I get 1gb plan for 60$ USD :joy: Old old plan.

Wifi extender helped with the issues slightly (at least that’s wifi 6) but obviously bottlenecked my speed. I usually switch to the other internet for downloads.

I’m so sorry for you.

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