Connection drops on Windows 10

(Appa Hamri) #1

Has anybody had a problem with Wifi completely disconnecting while playing EVE. I had the dreaded ‘Socket Closed’ which appears to have gone since I sorted my wifi, now I have something much worse. When I logged into the client I started to notice that almost immediately that there was a 1 bar drop in the wifi signal folowed by a complete loss of wifi signal shortly thereafter. The wifi and broadband are still working and all other devices connected. I use a Zoostorm gaming laptop with 8 GB RAM, 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M running Windows 10. I have updated my wireless drivers, my graphics, rolled back the updates, tried all the tips I could find on the Microsoft forums and while its not as bad its still happening. I have also reinstalled the client and cleared the cache. If anybody can offer some advice Id be very grateful.

(Darion Sisko) #2

same issue. even with a wired connection.

(system) #3

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