Benefit for all traders - improvement to multisell order

At this time, the multibuy has appeared for some time with the convenient import ability. However, multisell is still the same as it is in 2014 with the only function to sell at buyer’s price. I would like to suggest the multisell be upgraded similar to the multibuy or even further to auto set the price to sell price or sell price -1 isk. The advantages are:

  1. Import price from some marketing software is convenient for the sellers. The price doesn’t need to be changed one by one.
  2. This function could make the market more intense and thus more active. The buyers will also get benefits on price as the sellers compete with each other.
  3. The place where there are few people selling goods would be changed a lot. As with the new feature of multisell, the trading is much easier for few people to maintain a large market. It is also good for the player activeness especially in 0.0 region.

I have found a similar post here. But sadly this post is closed and it seems that several people are supporting this.

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Anyone interested in this topic?

I’ll bump - it’s needed

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