Multisell at sellers prices

We can currently sell multiple options but the only option is to sell at the buyers price.

Enabled us to toggle between buyers and sellers price, or even sellers price -1isk. buy doing this it will enable us to place things on the sellers market enmasse rather than only sell immediately to buyers.

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  1. What if your allowed number of market orders is not enough to place all sell orders you want to make?
  2. What if one or more of your items are inflated (manipulated, etc…) and never being sold at sell price? You still want to place such order?

1: The multisell option would stop at the allowed amount. So if you were trying to sell 70 items but you only had 30 slots available then the multisell would only take the 1st 30. If you have no slot left it would show nothing.

2: In this case it is down to you to check your order list for any anomalies before clicking OK, just like I would check through the multibuy currently for any outlandish prices. If the feature existed I would hope it would have the collective taxes shown so if they were much more than expected you will need to look through the list.

Having the system using its own sorting method these chosen 30 items might not be ones you would choose by yourself from your set.

So the proposed procedure is:

  • use “multisell” on set of items
  • manually check every item for proper place in existing orders
  • change or remove some items from the list
  • press “Ok”

Now the issue is that while you are iterating over items existing orders might change and your orders expire (will not be the first) - it might take considerable time to iterate over like 30 orders.

I endorse this feature request.

To the guy who’s complaining about “what if you don’t have enough orders” - just select the right number of items in the first place. It’s not rocket science. Unless you’re selling certain skill books…

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I would support this.

People already -1 isk things, this just makes it less annoying for dumping crap on the market.

I’d love to be able to default the price at NBBO +/- X isk, rather than having Eve contrive some abstract and typically wrong value. I’d even prefer an empty box over their suggested price, as I would only have to click the text field once rather than twice to type in the new value.

Lots of people just sell to the current buy order… I’m not one of them. I always place my orders, and having something that is “more accurate” would save me needless clicking. Market PVP doesn’t have to be something that makes you want to slit your wrists.

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I support this idea, it would save a lot of time and headache.

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