'Buy all' function needs changable pricing

As you can see: this is what it looks like when you use the ‘buy all’ feature. A rather useful one.

The one thing this screen needs is for us to be able to adjust the pricing and set all those >buy orders< at once.
Like this, all you get are fixed prices and you pay them or not. You can not pick single or multiple ores/items out of the list and say “okay, perhaps i want to try this one cheaper”…

You have to open the market for each one. Go for a buy order. Jump through the ropes and go to the next item. It’s rather tedious like that and it doesn’t have to be. All it takes for the prices to be unlocked.

IF you still want more refined options for those buy orders you can still use the option…
This one should use the last used options or a preset filter for the reach of the order (within system/only station etc) or get 1-2 icons extra. That’s up to debate.

On a different but recurring note:
The input windows for the amounts are laughable tiny.
The amount of orders has a bar TWICE the size for (most likely) a number between 1-10k.
The input windows, which are for materials of which you need MILLIONS, barely fit 1 mil without cutting off the rest of the digits - all while this window has 40% wasted space to either side…


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Paying more was part of the developer design intent, just so you’re aware of the legacy upon which you are trying to build and that it was not an oversight.

The target user group for this feature is the crowd that wants to buy their stuff “here and now”, even though that can come at a slightly higher price.

Those who like to play the market game and focus on margins will probably in most cases want to have a full context for the orders of each item, so we decided to focus the user experience on the immediate buyers and keep things simple. Therefore, multibuy only offers immediate buys in a station in your current solar system, but you are still able to set up single non-immediate orders just like before.

Convenience comes at a price, so with multibuy, the unit price you pay for each item type will be the price at which you can buy the quantity you requested. Similar to the multisell window, each item type in the multibuy window shows how the unit price compares to the average price, and a tooltip will show the best price in the station, solar system and region. If the price is not to your liking you can always remove those items from the buy order and buy them type by type from the market window. Just like in the multisell window, the market details for each of the item type can be easily accessed by clicking on the little icons representing the difference from average price (“equal” and up and down arrows).


The Eve Market is built around the idea of ‘players control everything’
You mine, you produce, you sell, you trade, etc

Not allowing this on multi-buy is doing nothing but making it more tedious for players.
You still can single-buy each item/order anyway, so it really does not -and should not- influence pricing to be artificially higher by tricking the player.

CCP is great at designing UI’s and other aspects but this is was a mistake.
Introducing extra steps in order to make a market more confusing is counter-productive to a game that already has a very confusing and crammed market to begin with.

Going against the principles of your own game (about players being in control), after attempting to make it all more streamlined and easier to handle (and overall it really is!), doesn’t make sense (to me).

I think they can go back and take a second look at such features - just like they did in the past.
Looking back there is a good chance they now see ‘oh, that didn’t really work out like it should’ or ‘the way the game has changed, this really doesn’t fit anymore’ …

Changing one’s mind should always be an option - and it worked great in the past → bringing us amazing improvements, today :heart:

Personally, I’d rather not go back to the old way this was handled…
(i still got a 6 pages excel sheet to estimate market prices… its as fun as it sounds)

and thanks for the link. A few of those changes happened during my brake :slight_smile:
Though 2015… that’s 8 years ago. Makes me a little worried about stagnation … hrmm

The feature works fine though.

It’s simple, straightforward and convenient for anyone who wishes to bulk-buy items.

If someone wishes to minmax the prices while buying, they can do so the old-fashioned way.

What you suggest would be a hindrance to players who like the convenient ‘buy all’ feature as they now need to deal with additional settings when they simply want to buy their stuff, thus lowering the convenience for penny-saving purposes.

Personally I’ll gladly pay some more ISK just to be quickly done with the market. Playing the market is not how I make money and I’d rather spend my time elsewhere.

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That ‘Buy All’ option is mainly set up for ‘Space Rich’ characters who don’t need to save ISK and don’t wanna spend the time searching or traveling to various markets for the best price.

It’s sorta like the option of buying various skillbooks in the skill queue screen, those are all priced higher than most markets due to convenience. Course the main difference between those two is CCP bypassing the player market with those skillbooks whereas the ‘Buy All’ option for fitting and production still get’s the items from the player market.

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