Benefits to owning null

Granted not new but it’s a Q and A
What’s the benefit of owning bull besides of course having the space to farm is there any extra attributes that my Corp/alliance gets from actually having the land claimed as ours or is it more just ego boost

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I’m no expert, but I think you can get some advantages by owning your systems for a longer time and by using your space.

Advantages like:

  • harder for non-affiliated players to anchor structures in your space
  • system upgrades like more and better combat anomalies
  • ability to anchor ansiblex jump gates in your systems to make travel in your space easier
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Prior to the removal of passive moon goo

Name on the TCU/iHUB in Dotlan
Station & Docking Fees
On the hour, every hour moon goo
Enough PvE sites to run about half a dozen battleships, up to same number of carriers to make ISK
Free Planetary Interaction ( if you owned the POCO )
Jump Bridges
Cyno Jammers ( that prevented any capital from jumping in )
Infinitley spawning small-colossal size ore anomalies
Free Market Hub in station
Free Refining In station + a cut of the refined materials
Free Manufacturing in station
Perma asset invulnerability


A bill every couple days so that other people can have their ISK stolen by DBS and MESS, when they are not getting strangled by the reduced spawn rate
Constant harassment of jump bridges that cannot be defended by anchored structure
Citadels that have the offensive power of wet noodles.
Manufacturing hubs that are magnitudes more complex and so expensive the time for ROI is laughable…

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There are various ships (supercaps/titans) that can only be built in a null-owned system.

For which you now have to fork out 100+ billion for a structure to build when it used to cost less than a 1/10th of that when built in a POS.

Despite the fact that they cost 100+ billion in infastructure alone, supers and titans saturate nullsec. I think thats the point of increasing the infastructure cost. Just like how they increased the requirements to build them by adding in a bunch of other mats other than just minerals.

They saturate null where the large null blocks were able to mine with the prime rorqual changes.

Insert quote about horses and gates.

Yes, thats why they changed the requirements for building caps and supers.

Used to be, you could just use a rorqual to mine from regular asteroid fields and get everything you need to build a titan.

Now, you need a bunch of PI, moon minerals, etc. Mining with just a rorqual in an asteroid field no longer is sufficient.

No idea what youre talking about, but k.