Best Amarr support ship for an alpha

Hey all,

Returning eve player here and currently on alpha “status”

So i would like to train for a support ship for fleet combat. What is de best Amarr ship (an alpha can use) for this role? And what skills are best to train for it?



What kind of PvP do you want to do? Faction warfare, null sec fleet fights, wormhole stuff, you and a couple of friends or corp members roaming space?

And what kind of supportive role? Do you wish to keep your allies alive with remote repairs? Scout for them and tackle things for the others to kill? Disable enemy ships so they cannot fire at your allies?

Electronic warfare would be my first suggestion to support your allies. Amarr specialises in weapon disruptors as EWAR on their T1 ships.

Maybe take a look at weapon disruption and fly ships like the Crucifier, Crucifier NI and Arbitrator?

Each of those ships could be ‘best’ depending on your group. Crucifier is a fast frigate that can make people miss all their shots from long range, Arbitrator is a little slower and sturdier and can also deal damage with drones, the Crucifier Navy Issue seems to be a close range combat variant of the Crucifier (based on the bonuses - I haven’t used it myself). The Crucifier seems like a good starting point.

If you don’t mind taking up another faction (you can fly any faction’s ships after all, even as Alpha) there are many other EWAR systems you can use. Each of the factions has some ways to hinder enemy ships, with Gallente messing with enemy targeting range and targeting speed, Caldari messing with target locks and Minmatar making enemy ships bigger and therefore easier to hit, so your allies deal more damage to them.

My personal favorite noob support ship is the brick fit punisher. Even newer players can get like 15k EHP on one and its easy to fly. Hold people in place until your team can arrive to finish them. Plus you get on every kill mail which is always a plus.

Thanks, Do you have a fitting suggestion?

Thank you, i am gonna try the Crucifier first :slight_smile:

The Cruci is truly nasty, able to project triple bonused TD/GD to 60+ km.

The Inquisitor is an option, but could be very tough to learn.

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While omega locked ships (HACs for DPS, Logi for… logi, Recons for EWAR) are better than their t1 counterparts, I believe a medium weapon brawler for an alpha can perform closer to an omega in the DPS role than the t1 logi is to their t2 counterparts in terms or repair. So I’d suggest, train up a harbinger (get those nice pulse lasers) or prophecy (got great drones and blasters are always nice on a droneboat in small gang PVP), find someone who wants you and get ready to press f1. Your Harbinger will fall a wee bit short of a Zealot or Sacrifice in DPS and you don’t have a “invuln for 11 second” button, but you’ll perform a lot better in the DPS role and closer to the “ideal” ship than the EWAR or logi.

The Harbinger Navy Issue is better in almost every way to the Harbinger, but honestly if you have the funds for it and want to spend it on the navy ship instead of PLEX, maybe buy one for an omega corpmate with Ammar BC V, Ammar Drone Specialization V and Medium Pulse laser V and lend it to him in the fight and fly a regular Harbinger. If you have ISK left over and still want to use ISK to support a fight isntead of saving for PLEX, buy a second Harbinger Navy Issue and lend it to an omega corpmate. And then a third. And if you have enough ISK to spend on 8 (and you still didn’t want to PLEX with it), then after buying 7 and lending them to corpmates, I guess take number 8 for yourself?

An interesting utility choice is a Dragoon. Some fleets have a neuting doctrine (for some reaosn…) so you can get into a Dragoon with 4 Neuts and a Nos. One thing very annoying some people like to do is bubble up a fleet in an interdictor and then cloak. If you have a Dragoon and warp scrambler and you know how to manually pilot (which I don’t), then you are in a great ship to decloak the interdictor. Burn towards it once it drops a bubble (don’t try to lock on), and release your drones. Preferably ask 3 fleetmates to have medium drones assists you. Once you catch up to it and decloak it, neut it to shut down its hardeners, scram it to prevent him from using a MWD (in the unlikely case he has cap left, which he shouldn’t). If you can pull this off, those pesky guys who drop bubbles and cloak to get away will have to cough up a killmail. Best of all, you don’t even need many skill points since you don’t need to train to use a t2 tank. You need skill to get to him, but not many skill points. Still this is a niche case and sometimes there is not interdictor to kill while DPS is always needed so Harbinger sounds good.

Do alphas still have SP limit?

If so you are probably gonna want to stay with frigate or you wont have enough to fully train all skills you need. Amarr is a bit skill intensive since they are drone heavy.

TD’s are really good support though you can effectively nullify at least one ships dps or more while still being otherwise useful yourself. So basically use the t1 TD frigate.

Use Inquisitor with remote armor repairers to heal allies. It’s a huge force multiplier and very rewarding. Practice in Homefront Operations.

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