Best In Game Tools You're Probably Not Aware Of 🛠

Honestly, how many people are aware of Eve’s Engine Tools?

Hold down [ctrl]+[alt]+[shift]+[m} at the same time. You’ll thank me later…


Looks like a bunch of connectivity information I do not need unless I’m a telecommunications engineer.
On the other hand, speaking of tools, the Compare tool eases fitting headaches and does wonders for the purse.


I only used FPS monitor every now and then.


The Agency shows you anomalies, sig counts, homefronts in nearby sytems.

The Local Locations window shows a list of bookmarks in your current system and updates as you change systems.

V by default opens, and V again scans with, the Directional Scanner, the most valuable intel tool in the game. Awkwardly this is Combat > Directional Scan bind, not Window > Directional Scanner. I’ve rebound it to shift-mouse4. This should be your most frequently used bind.


Back when Eve was young, CCP was constantly asking us to provide technical feedback. New players have it SO easy. Warp to ZERO FTW!


Locator agents offer the best service ever!


Are you looking for a date?

He’s looking for an opportunity to lose his ship. :smirk: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :innocent:

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Coming back an dealing with abyssal mods its been nice. Pyfa doesn’t seem to factor in abyssal’s mutated pg//cpu stats. I have been away a bit so even using that is new again for now. Still slowlys recalling what it can do.

so I use in games simulation with a couple of abyssal mods I have.

The ops. net screen is nice. Seems to show the server connections that may be an issue.

Kind of nice. Wow lets you guess what is acting stupid.

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I’ll thank you now sir! (totally helped me tweak my graphic settings and doubled my FPS).


That’s awesome!

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and in the Compare Window’s settings (3 dots in top right), there’s an option to “only show attributes that differ”.


Oh right I gotta throw in a vote for Windows Powertoys and its ctrl-start-T shortcut to pin a window always on top of eve window


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