Best ISK per hour for cruiser specialist

(Marcus Gideon) #21

Dissolution Core + 1x scripted SeBo brings a Frigate lock to 2.5 sec. And since the CovOps Cloak doesn’t do anything to reduce scan res like a non-CovOps Cloak would, then you really do get 2.5 sec.

Coupled with the fact that a CovOps Cloak only prevents targeting for 5 sec after dropping, then yes… If you drop Cloak when you see them coming in, you can lock a Frigate in 2.5 sec. Even less if they’re Shield tanked or something, since it’s 1.8 for a Destroyer. And assuming you don’t toss a 2nd SeBo or something on there for good measure.

(Lugburz) #22

you really dont…

And you can bounce figures round all day but in practice, this would not be an easy way to make isk; and also if your not dual webbed in an arty fit your running a BIG risk trying it in facwar areas.

And if you dont know why by now its really not worth my time to explain it to you.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #23

All my Loki kills are plex frigs. Literally never flew it for any other reason. I used to do it with a legion then when I said wait webs I switched to Loki. Also most of my legion kills are plex camps.

Also you are dual webbed. You have 3 sebo 2 web disruptor and mwd mids. 2 gyro low. And obviously arty. No tank because it doesn’t matter.

(Gabriel Jonas) #24

Link me some killmails i want to see the dank loot!!

(Lugburz) #25

im curious too tbh, im wondering how many hours you would have to sit on a plex trying to catch people through bloodshot eyes and coffee stained teeth; how many hours would it take to make 100mil?

And how many times do you miss your target lol

(Lugburz) #26

this fit?

Ah no webs

(Sepheir Sepheron) #27

You miss your target whenever there’s a sub 2 second alignment. It’s definitely not the best isk/h I was just providing a FUN and PVP source of income.

Frigate (38 sig) lock time 1.9 seconds, 30 sig lock time if overloaded 1.9 seconds.
Catches anything that’s not sub 2 insta warp.

(Lugburz) #28

ok then.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #29

Ok, so let’s all forget the guy who said a Loki has a 10 sec re-calibration and every other nonsense you spewed before that :wink: Get proven wrong then cower behind OP topic, classy. Also wtf is a conoco?

For a guy with 8k kills you sure don’t know much.

(Lugburz) #30

ok then

(Nagrom Egroeg) #31

incursions for a steady income, abyss can be good if you get nice loot drops.

camping facwar plexes for nubs probably isnt going to pay well at all.

Ps lugs your a douche :smiley:

(Lugburz) #32

why ty <3

(Ranar Linyne) #33

you can get started with w2m for around 200m

Also ded sites can pay well. A sunesis or gnosis is perfect for them on the cheap end, and has scanning bonuses to speed things along unlike the t3d’s you see running them.

(Dread Saboteur) #34

Abyss and DED sites like 6/10s for bloods or Guristas you might want a t3 for some DED and for abyss mostly gila

(ExcalibursTemplar) #35

Best solo isk by far that i know of is flying a HAC in tier 5 abyssal sites @ roughly 300 to 400 mill per hour on average.

If you can fly logistic ships you can do highsec incursions that’s around 120 to 250 mill per hour.

If you get in to incursions and get good and get a good reputation you can get invited to run lowsec incursions. Multiboxing lowsec incursions in a T3 or logistic cruiser plus multiple Ishtars as sponges (if room in fleet) can net you up to 1 billion isk per hour. It’s by far the best isk but is a lot of effort and takes time to setup.

Note: lowsec incursions are no better than highsec unless you are at least duel boxing IMO.

There’s also DED sites in null, i can’t give you an average ISK rate. As it’s all random, you might hardly get anything for days or weeks then boom you hit the jackpot again and again and again and then in the space of a couple of hours you’ve made 5 to 10 bill. Stay clear of highsec & low they’re just crap imo.

Wormhole exploration is supposed to be another really good source of isk but i don’t know anything about it myself.

(Eternal Montage) #36

A few ideas:

-The Abyss
-Incursion Logi
-Belt Ratting
-Highsec combat sites
-Wormhole hacking

(darkestkhan Eriker) #37

Oddly enough with my sucky skills I manage over 80M/h running l4 with ham loki…