Best ISK per hour for cruiser specialist

Just as the title says. I am a cruiser specialist and am wondering what the best isk per hour is doing PVE activities.

Incursions for that size ship.


Show me an Incursion fleet that doesn’t require at least a Faction fit BS, if not an Officer fit Faction BS. Incursions are great money… if you’ve already got money to start with. But the days of Meta fit Cruisers finding a spot in a fleet are long gone.

That’s not the question that was asked.

Last time I looked for example, all incursion groups use cruiser logi.


If you can’t afford a 500mil logi cruiser then Best isk per hour isn’t what your looking for just start grinding. If you want good isk/hour you need to invest a lot. Like recently I’v just lost a 1.5bil solo hawk fierce abyss ship and that was making 300mil/hour, grind invest and then you’l be good.

You can make more per hour with a 2bil cruiser in abyss.

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Or just get VNI spinning in nullsec. Lower ISK/hour, but ship is paid within two hours.


And that’s not the answer you gave either. If someone says “what can I do with a cruiser” and you answer “incursions”, then it sounds like they can join the main body of the incursion fleets. As in, doing the shooting.

If your answer was “hope you’re skilled up enough for a T2 Logi cruiser, and you’re ready to be responsible for keeping an entire incursion fleet full of blinged out, stupifyingly expensive Battleships alive and kicking b/c a single loss is worth a year of PLEX”… then you should have said that instead. =)

That’s not the question the OP asked.

He asked what’s the best ISK per hour in a cruiser. In my experience, running incursions as cruiser logi is the best overall ISK per hour.

The question in the OP isn’t great. There isn’t a lot to go on, without making several other assumptions.

I’ve made none of those. I’ve just answered the question he actually asked.


Take a loki into low sec and sit on fw beacons with two webs a cloak arty and many sensor boosters. Blap pirate frigates and loot them. Isk/h may vary. Don’t uncloak on garbage frigates if you’re after isk hold your cloak till something juicy comes so you don’t blow your cover for a 5 mil kill. Use the t1 frigs as bait.

your an idiot.

Logistics 5

where you going without logi son?

with that decloak timer? i dont think so bud.

title says

“” Best ISK per hour for cruiser specialist""

Not very specialised for cruisers if you dont fly logi imho

Lol you uncloak as they’re landing. 5 seconds is easy mode. This isn’t a new concept, there’s a reason it’s popular.

and yet ive never been killed by one?

It’s math I’m not gonna argue about it. If align time >2.0 seconds on the frig and if the loki decloaks when you pop on overview you’re caught or he is retarded.

That’s like me saying titans suck because I’ve never been killed by one. Whoop dee doo people failed to do it properly must mean they don’t work.

its not really that, its just it actually takes 10 seconds before you can lock, i know these things because i actually fly a loki, and it really doesnt lock that fast when its a cloaky.

But thankyou for sharing that

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reactivation timer is not sensor calibration.

Also you’re wrong about the scan res, learn to fit.

interestingly you only have 51 loki kills…
and i doubt very much many if at all were on a plex in the way you describe.
Unless your talking about the newbros in shitfit t1 frigates?
thats also not scan res but calibration time - you need to add that to your scan res.

Oh your one of the conocos, explains everything.