Best ISK per hour method

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It happens ALL the time in the real world, mentors are a thing, business networking, advice sites. AskAManager, Evil HR Lady, there’s tons of websites that will teach you how to get ahead in business.

As to my response to the post proper-- to me EVE is about never leaving ISK on the table. If you mission, loot and salvage and make best use of your LP in addition to taking the ISK rewards, if you’re not using Planetary Interaction, why not? it’s free passive income for minimal effort. Are you selling to low-balling trade offers or posting your own at slightly below Jita prices when you’re mass mining. Do you scrap loot that’s not worth much and sell the reprocessed ores in bulk?

So that’s the mindset, take the cash with both hands and make a stash.

As to what to DO? It depends what you enjoy doing. When I first started out using an apoc and jetcan mining Omber was great money in hi-sec. But you couldn’t pay me enough to do it because it was tedious. I enjoy missions, myself. Incursions are better money if you’re into PvE than missions are but I don’t always want to deal with a fleet sometimes I just want to go grind a bit.

Incursions are very good money if you have good skills, I fly a logi myself and can usually get a slot most times of day. I mission when I don’t feel like it and chaining L4 missions can be decent income.

The BEST income, they say, comes from trading. I’ve never had the knack, and if I wanted to deal with that much spreadsheets and math I’d get a job with an intermodal shipping company rather than play EVE. But it’s amazing money for no real skill point investment and minimal time.

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“Best” is tough to define. Here’s some I might reccomend.

1 - Exploration. T1 exploration frigates are dirt cheap, so who cares if you die? Take wormholes into dangerous space, run data/relic sites, wormhole your way back out and hope you don’t get killed in transit. Can make good isk but it varies a lot. Very little isk needed to invest to get started.

2 - PI. Must be omega. Consistent. Not hugely time intensive. A low-sec setup with the three toons on your account that requires restarting extractors twice a week and hauling T2 PI 1-2 times a month can easily make you a billion a month. Is semi-passive though… so less grinding but also hard to extend (without buying more accounts)

3 - Station trading. Good isk. You can be as passive or as active with it as you want. The more isk you have to trade, the more you can make.

4 - Anom running in null. You’ll probably need to join a null group… but even a relatively low cost VNI setup can earn you 15-20m ticks (45-60m an hour).

5 - Reactions. You’ll need access to lowsec reaction fitted structures (athanor or tatara). But you can make a LOT of isk with this. It does require a significant isk investment to make that money… but it’s pretty hands off. You need some market acumen and knowledge to know what to react.

6 - Manufacturing. Can make a lot with this if you know what you’re doing… but you have to know what to make. I’ll be honest… I have no idea how to figure out what to make… but occasionally I tag along with corp members who know what they’re doing and it’s pretty profitable. Works best with a few alt accounts.

7 - Missions. Frankly… doesn’t seem like it’s worth the effort anymore for me. I hear if you run burners in a certain way you can make great isk… but I never bothered to learn how.

8 -Escalations/scanable combat anoms bit random on the loot drop, but lots of isk if you get the right drop. Generally requires a pretty hefty investment in an appropriate ship.

9 - Incursions. I hear it’s great isk. Never done it.

10 - Mining. If you aren’t in a rorq… just don’t. You can do it while watching a movie a lot of the time though… so if you’re not looking for best income but rather some income while really doing something else… go for it.

-In my opinion (and from my experience)… if you have low isk now… go exploration.
-Once you have enough (and are omega) set up PI on all your toons. It’s easy isk.
-If you have moderate isk (spending a couple hundred million for a new ship every couple of weeks is no big deal), run anoms. Consistent income and an easy grind.
-Once you get a lot of isk… station trading or manufacturing (which involves market observation).

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Best isk per hour = real life job converted to isk sorry to say xD

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You’re excused for having lost your inner child. :rofl:

Still being young and able to play like a child … priceless.

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Having as many hours to play as a child… even more priceless :]

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Well then, you have your answer. Your isk generation is limited to your chosen individual activities and what they can produce.

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Buy Plex, convert to ISK buy Rorqual and Rorqual pilot , go to null and earn bilions.

See all that ISK/hour , like in IRL, depend on how much you INVEST at the start. When I started playing Eve plexed 40 bilion ISK ( PLEX bought at CCP site ) and now easily do whatever I want in EVE.

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You can make for 3 weeks 8+ billion. Is called Project Discovery. lvl up to 500 and total profit will be around 8+ billion.
I done it few weeks ago just to see can i do it or no.
When i done it Marshal was 12b now is only 6. You will have extra isk from other rewords for 2 billion minimum.

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This is the best ISK/hour


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The best possible isk an hour in the game is either multi boxing dreadnoughts in wh space or killing drifters with a citadel. Both require tons of experience, skills, and isk. Really, I would turn your account into a skill farm to pay for the account.

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More realistically thou best isk/hour is probably trading with at least 200b in capital.

Or as zander was saying for more active farming.

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No, they can also be scanned down as cosmic signatures. The sites are the same, the only difference is that the DED sites from escalations don’t have a cosmic signature and thus are safer, since any pirate will need combat probes to scan you down while you are running the site.

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I saw someone comment on a video about station trading how they plexed with it on a brand new char in around 2 weeks, would this be possible if I have around 100mil?

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Yes and no. You would need to trade for several hours a day successfully to get that much isk, and you would have to restart every month. Plus you won’t be able to do anything fun. I recommend joining a low class WH corp and grind. I like to look at the WH class as the isk a hour per character . C1 100mil, C2 200mil, C3 300mil, C4 400-600mil, C5 500- 1.5billion, C5 600-2.5billion. Do Pi in a wormhole will pay for the account as Well.

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the best I’d guess would be lv4 mission blitzing, you should be able to fly a pretty decent mach and be able to run most of the burner missions with a max skilled alpha. The problem there is you need a very close to max skilled alpha. Also if you have that kind of SP built up you can probably extract SP and go omega and be even more efficient. Extracting to plex pretty much puts your character’s training progress at a standstill, but it is also probably the easiest way to get to plexing.

A lower SP option would be VNI ratting, sounds like you can make pretty decent isk and you don’t have to pay too much attention either. If you are even lower SP many null corps have some beginner assistance on offer.

another low SP option is exploration, but personally I’m not a fan so it’s hard for me to give good advice here. also most of my exploration has been done with max skills and omega so I’m not sure what pitfalls an alpha would have.

Kinda in the middle should be incursions, but I don’t know how many alpha friendly incursion groups are out there.

Those are probably the most straight forward options, a lot of the other options given here either need omega, or greatly benefit from having omega. Trading greatly benefits from being omega, also if you can’t afford a plex straight up you probably don’t have the capital to trade very well.

loot/salvage is pretty low value, there’s more isk on another table than trying to clean up the crumbs that fell on the floor. Beyond that it’s a good idea

indeed, and the more isk the better. When I started trading I remember thinking if I only had 10bil I could do whatever I wanted, well lets say I hit that rather quickly and all I could think about was more. I’ve heard people say with too much isk things slow down, but I haven’t had that problem yet, maybe if I hit a few trillion.

people used to do a trial account to full account with only trading, so starting with 5000 isk and trading up to a bil or so to buy a plex in two weeks. Some people did it. To me it sounds like a complete pain in the butt, but with a ton of updating, and some good items I’m sure you can do it, it just sounds like burnout to me.

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Okay, I will tell you a secret that no one has ever mentioned on these forums or anywhere else.

The best way to have the highest ISK/hour is to tap into the dark side of The Force, and become not a Sith Lord, but an ISK Lord.


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Is it possible to learn these dank secrets?

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Yes! Send me mail in-game, and allow me to instruct you in the dark arts of dank ISK.