Best place in null to hunt botters?

Just wondering if anyone knows any specific regions where easy kills might be able to had ?



Dead end systems are a good bet, but if they have any sense they will see you coming many systems away and hide, or your arrival in Local will trigger a warp to safe.

WERMT, Imperium and Russian space of any kind have always worked for me.

Drone Space for what I saw.

I wonder if that could be fixed if you stage from w-space. Thera is predestined for such operations as it has a lot of static null holes.

If I remember correctly the Nyx bots where killed with people setting a trap and then hiding back in the wormhole until they started farming again and warped directly into the bubble trap

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Pick any renter space. Primarily in the far north and south east. You can find some in space held by main bloc alliances but they’ll be harder to catch.
Up until a while ago I could have just said pick any system held by the drf, but things have changed in the past few months.

Good luck on the hunt! Only good bots are those that are dead and banned one.

Or start close in, and spread out from there. Get them while they are young. Bot rings start with low visibility in terms of activities. For example the new bot ring which has sprung up on the Mitsolen - Itamo -> Jita route.

Pilots like:
888 Pacht-Feng
unin Dunier
aik Auscent
aq Ahrire
door Aulx-Gao
h7 Pappotte
heketi Ahrire
sw2 Drovotet
aqa Aulmais
ysz Boirelle
fisha Arnolles
he Cavin-Guang
line en Welle

And roughly 60 others.

Right now they all fly Nereus:

[Nereus, *Simulated Nereus]
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II

Medium Shield Extender II
Medium Shield Extender II
Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
Large Shield Extender II
Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field I

Medium Cargohold Optimization I
Medium Cargohold Optimization I
Medium Cargohold Optimization I

They never go anywhere without warp to zero and gate or station guns present.

They basically go for low footprint kind of stuff, running between courier agents in a Nereus, roughly 40 - 46 trips an hour, and then a Jita trip. Typically for 8 hours straight, then a break, then another batch takes over.

Like the last ring, in about 40 days you will see these disappearing, to surface in Gila’s in anomalies in Highsec or VNI’s in nullsec anomalies.

So if you want to take on the problem, start with clubbing the baby seals. Reporting this kind of thing is pointless, utterly, because by the time it filters through at CCP they will have grown up, changed hands and so forth.


I don’t even know why they do that, the returns for these are so incredibly low that its hard to justify paying the bills for being able to run them in comparison with NS botting. NS bots yield in one hour what a whole group of these does in 1-2 whole days, quite literally.

There’s reasons.

  1. One of EVE’s primary foundations is rooted in economies of scale. Consider how a lot of people try to replicate what their perception is of real world business (and other practices), while in EVE margings mean nothing as long as volume is present and can be scaled. On behavioural scales the same applies. These rings don’t mind low payouts, the standings / LP / ISK is low, but it scales per account and per batch of accounts.

  2. Another aspect is character progression. As they continue their continuous madness skills train, abilities are gained and so forth. From Nereus alts (hint: Gallente) they progress towards bot alts which are able to do more than just courier agent routines.

  3. A further aspect is establishing identity. Note how they all have a pattern of one batch starting right off the bat in their own corporations while the next batch remains in NPC and after a month of activity joins a corporation (along with others). Give it a few months, and you have a character identity which in a typical background checks shows them to have been regular pilots progressing and establishing career, environment and activity choices.

  4. And then later on, you see fake Bazaar sales, or private sales of them popping up in this or that alliance or corporation forum, and they pop up all over nullsec shortly after that. It’s a pattern, one which has been around for over a decade, but it’s really picked up since F2P. It’s beyond me why CCP doesn’t pick up on it.

Anyway, it’s batch based. Often I suspect they are Alpha’s, since most of the time there is nothing in ship / fitting / other selections which shows Omega skill dependancies. But well, as I understand from CCP’s latest communications, the various bugs, workarounds, “loopholes” and straight up technical and/or third party services exploits in regards to running multiple alpha’s have been “fixed” so I imagine they cannot be alpha’s.

The batches run for a while, go offline and another pops up, rinse and repeat. Over time they move on through progression and (fake) historic identity, etc.

Most players don’t notice them. People play their game, they don’t watch or monitor system or station traffic. Only very few people actually do intel work of any kind, which is understandable. Groups that employ suicide tactics generally don’t go after that, cause of Nereus + route type. They are virtually immune.

Volume > all in New Eden. Everything is on a curve. People tend to think of characters as an identity, whereas they are merely specialised and interexchangeable tools as well as resources. This used to be different, but since F2P this pattern has spread from the traditional bot group runners to regular players, making these kinds of bot rings even less visible.

Edit. Here’s a funny. Some other anti-bot scouts in that constellation managed to do not just fit scans, but also cargo scans.

They all run tobacco.

So, as by now it’s being said in local channels, it pretty much shows that botting is cancer spreading through New Eden.


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