Best place to trade in Perimetre nowadays? Horde, TEST & ICY not secure anymore

Hi guys,

What happened to TEST’s perimetre take over? I remember there to be a lot of hype and lots of claims of stability and security.

I haven’t seen much of Plex or injectors being traded in the keepstar and structures are being lost and reinforced all over.

What’s the go-to place for trading in Perimetre these days?


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The same that happens to lots of TEST things: Sperging. Zergs are, after all, not really that persistent.

Put your jump clones into a station and ignore structures. Losses like yours are hilarious and the exact point of structures. These things are supposed to cause you grief and unwanted losses when you least expect or need it.

PGL did a costly mistake by declaring war from the holding corp of the structures. Now they can’t end the war because it’s mutual and also can’t defend, because aggressors are not allowed to recruit allies.

All structures will die uncontested unless TEST moves their people into the holding corp. Very big f*up.

Or a well done bribe or even infiltration. This is EVE after all. :slight_smile:

Maybe … but I’m now looking forward to the first Keepstar killmail in highsec.


Just to add, they can’t move the holding corp into the alliance, they can’t disband the corp, they can’t hand-over the structure. Horde can decide 4h before every timer what corp will do the bashing, a wardec on that corp needs 24h before it starts … not sure whether TEST already realized in what mess they are.

I wonder why they chosen an out of alliance holding corp in the first place. :thinking:

Normally this is not an issue, if you keep your fingers off any aggressive act on behalf of that corp. Now it’s too late. The issue can only be resolved by Horde stopping or all structures dying.

Assuming moving all of TEST into the holding corp is not a long term option …

so all orders even in KS are at risk?

well, im moving them back to jita 4-4 until perimetre settles down.

Yup. A small gang of kestrels are already enroute to reinforce it

Anyone in Perimeter can assess the situation (I’m on the road)?

Yesterday the KS was shield reinforced, today is the timer to shut it down …

Trade in jita

how they put the corp into the alliance with wars?

You can move corps around if you’re a defender… only if you declare then you can’t join an alliance.

This is the best post in the New Forums to date

I’d say it’s pretty safe now that all the tranquility structures are under TEST proper. Only way to beat them now is to outgun them, no more clever tricks

Dear valued customer,

That thing died because our employee, progodlegend, didnt know how highsec works.

This employee has since been fired and replaced with a functioning diplobot that takes care of wars in highsec, as the structure is now under the actual TEST alliance brand.

Unfortunately zkill is currently down, but if you look under Azbel, you’ll see that we are quite dedicated to maintaining the purity of The Forge’s marketplace.

Thank you for your understanding :heart:

Use the keepstar

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