Best screen layout for 1920x1080 resolution

I have the following layout on eve and it always feels abit cluttered even though I use everything on it. I see some great screen layouts but they are generally on 4k setups which I dont have. What are your ideas on a good window layout for eve on 1920x0180 resolution?

As long as you have functional eyes 90% scaling will free up screen space on 1080p monitors.

font looks a little small at 90% for me, but even so there is a big chunk used on the rigth hand side, i wondered how others addressed that

you can always increase the font size in chat settings

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i mean font in general of the screen.

I just want to see what layouts people use really, rather than altering font sizes or scaling.

I use this. All important stuff in the same quadrant so easy to quickly glance at for info and not a lot of mouse movement required.


I use this with a 10% offset to the left. Temp windows open on the bottom. The drones appear in the space on the right.

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What I found most helpful is the ability to stack windows. I stack windows even when they’re not visible, and to trim everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. For example do I not need to look at the overview and the scanner result at the same time. Either I’m scanning or I’m using the overview.

I found that many windows I used to have open only served to distract me from my immediate task. So I started to remove distractions by stacking windows before I give them their own screen space. This helps to keep my focus while it also frees up screen space. Figuring out what one needs and when helped me clean up my screen.

I am running solo now so apart from the local window which I can minimise I don’t need to chat channels to be so big, the others I do kinda use regularly but what you say it certainly something I can look into, Ill stack a few to see how it works out.

D-scan and the overview have much in common and one can share filter settings. Screen brackets can provide some of the overview information while d-scan is on top.

You can cut down on the size of most of those windows, I use a really similar setup but with all windows at the minimum size I need.

Some examples: Local can be smaller as you only need a list of names (and possibly a bit of what is said in local) and if you remove the pictures of the players in it, you will see far more people in one screen. The overview can be smaller as well, there’s no need for so much space for the names and types of things in the list for example, or if you want to save even more space: you can identify everything with only half the name as well. Drones window can be half as long and still be fully functional. Same goes for the chat. And same goes for the directional scanner. Selected item window is useless once you use keybinds (because the same info about your target -name, transversal and speed- can be shown on your overview) so that can be hidden by merging behind your overview window.

For the rest your overview and even the location of the windows seems to be the same as mine.

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well, on those high sec PVE alts I’m always helping in Rookie chat which is why those windows are bigger for me (I’m old, i need a much bigger font size). On my pvp characters this is not the case and local is different as well. Both for my form of PVE (high sec combat sites) and my solo/small group PVP Dscan and probe window are vitally important. I’ve tried to merge them together but it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

Differs per person and play style ofcourse.

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