Best setup for l4

(JC Mieyli) #21

i will just use a tengu and a loki because i am lazy to switch harderners and i prefer cruisers

(Chainsaw Plankton) #22

afaik nothing, and that alone makes it a bad choice, meh damage

best should still be burner blitzing, so mostly frigs/cruisers + a mach or two

(Kneebone) #23

Cruise Raven can do Angel’s Bonus with the right setup, always has been able too. It costs a bit more and you can always try flying it without being cap stable. “Permatank” is the best way to kill missioning speed.

(Quor Dresden) #24

I generally use heavy assult cruisers, and a rattlesnake for doing level 4 missions. I have 3 of the 4 main factions to level 5 cruiser. Ishtar probably the easiest to use out of all of them. Looking for a change up, try a T2 frig. Probably wouldn’t use the frig vs missles, but fun up against the right targets.

(Allexandria Alexy Voltia) #25


Dont have three box running, Cant really make the bling, and still not convinced to train T2 cruise missile. Tho i get the concept so i made my own quick fix on two of my toon with lots of range scripted missile guidance, T1 arbalest, and compact stuff.

220 km reach auto targeting lazy machine of raining death. Just under 600mills each. Third box are being trained and incoming in a near future.

For maxed laziness, i have some stuff in mind. Help me test them for the sake of Convenience.

launch heavy drones as soon as you landed on grid, before anything lock you, then MJD. So it wont be like warden that wont automatically attack anything that gets in the drone range.

Medium drone might works. Not bonused but you can bring five of them, moves faster, and better tracking. Use T1 drones since you can shrug off in case one of them gets destroyed or in those cases you left them all in space. Low dps in paper, but pyfa cant simulate the convenience level for lazy people like us.

Use SeBo and reload to normal missile to snipe some missions that have annoying NPC with long enough reach at me (or just decline that mission and use other toon to get another mission for advanced case of laziness). Use it in Apanake that have no gurista type of enemy.

Thx dude, the cat are saved.


I still dont have cat.

(Junara) #26

Do you really use a leshak for L4’s? Can you share your fit, how does it perform? I would be interested in trying it.

(Nolak Ataru) #27
[Rattlesnake, L4 Clearer]

Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
C3-X 'Hivaa Saitsuo' Ballistic Control System
C3-X 'Hivaa Saitsuo' Ballistic Control System
Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier

Phased Scoped Target Painter
Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link
Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link
Pith X-Type Large Shield Booster
Kinetic Deflection Field II
Kinetic Deflection Field II
Thermal Dissipation Field II

Cruise Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Cruise Missile
Cruise Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Cruise Missile
Cruise Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Cruise Missile
Cruise Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Cruise Missile
Cruise Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Cruise Missile
Drone Link Augmentor II

Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst I
Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst I
Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst I

'Augmented' Ogre x2
Gecko x1
Hornet II x5
Wasp II x2

Scourge Fury Cruise Missile x135
Optimal Range Script x2

Use that for clear missions. MWD AutoMach for blitzing.

(Anderson Geten) #28

remove one BCU and one DDA, they may add only 15 DPS each.
damage control + sig amp is better.
also PX LSB is really not that good, the ratio hp/GJ is very bad. IIRC even a T2 is better.
finally, rigor 3 is useless. Use rigor T22+ flare, because the T2 rigor has same malus than T1 and the stacking penalty dos not help. actually even rigor T2*2+ CCC may be better.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #29

they use the same GJ to boost and the pith x-type gives 94 hp more per boost. The Dread gurista/caldari navy version are the ones with worse efficiency.

(Nolak Ataru) #30

This rattle was made to clear L4 sites as fast as possible. It has enough tank and cap life to clear each wave or pocket. Anything extra is wasted and detracts from site times, and therefore income.

LSB and P X-type LSB use the same cap, but the P X-type will boost 94 more HP per cycle. It will also cycle 0.8 seconds faster.

Rigor 3 could be swapped with Flare, but I prefer the Rigor because of pesky elite Angel frigates among others.

Please don’t EFT-warrior what my friend and I took time to perfect.

(Arthur Aihaken) #31

Kronos… There is no substitute. I can run circles around Rattlesnakes. Which isn’t to say Rattlesnakes are bad, but they are kind of a flying loot piñata (not to mention somewhat skill intensive).

With the Kronos you can get away with a really cheap 3-4 slot tank if so desired (RAH, Deadspace large armor rep and 1-2 resistant specific Deadspace energized membranes). It’s faster, more agile and has 100% damage application.

For anything requiring salvaging it’s definitely the ticket.

(Nolak Ataru) #32

Until you Bastion. Plus you can’t apply to the entire grid without fitting 425s which gimps your DPS.

And Marauder V isn’t?

With what fit?

(Elyham) #33

This post applied 100% damage to my intelligence.

I would love to salvage some of it back…

(Arthur Aihaken) #34

If there’s an actual question here I’d be happy to answer it.

(Nolak Ataru) #35

There were 2.

  1. Do you consider training Marauder V not intensive?

  2. What fit are you using?

(Arthur Aihaken) #36
  1. Yes, but you don’t necessarily need Marauder V. You can get away with Marauder IV or even Marauder III.
  2. I’ve previously posted my fit, but basically 4x Neutron Blaster Cannons in pairs, 2 tractor beams, bastion, 500MN MWD, tracking computer, sensor booster, large cap battery, 3x mag stabs, RAH, large Deadspace X-type armor rep and a pair of Deadspace A-type energized membranes. Hybrid Burst Aerator and Hyperspacial in the rigs.

I’ve also run this with as thin as a 3-slot tank (RAH, DC, large armor rep) but I’ve found that a pair of energized membranes allow you to pretty much run any mission. You can drop the sensor booster or battery for another tracking computer, and this does gain you some range (although the stacking for Bastion does kick in).

The thing is really over-tanked but I like using the MWD a lot so the battery tends to replenish use.

(Nolak Ataru) #37
  1. If you do not have Marauder V… why are you in a Marauder? You’re losing out on the application bonuses. Not to mention that Bastion needs AWU V…

  2. Yeah, that thing can’t touch the Rattler for site times. You’ve got a wasted slot on a battery, a Burst rig with 3 mag stabs (4 if you go thin), and again, you have to Bastion for the max rep and application bonuses.

Also, how do you justify calling the Rattle a loot pinata when you have two A-type EANMs on a hull that’s already 1b isk?

(Arthur Aihaken) #38

Well, I really don’t need the extra 7.5% tracking and armor repair because Marauders are so over-tanked it’s not even funny. So yes, you can train into Marauders V - it’s just not a requirement to get started. Yes, Bastion needs AWU V. The Rattlesnake needs drones and missiles. Tomatoe, Tomato…

Yeah, it’s so slow that I average 125-150m ISH/hour on straight L4s. The 48km tractor bonus certainly doesn’t help for mission objectives, either. Ammunition is dirt cheap with T2 null. Less than missiles, but whatever floats your boat. It’s EW-immune as well (even though that’s not an issue in every scenario).

I said a pair of Deadspace energized membranes - I never said they were A-Type or even EANMs. A large Deadspace armor repairer is cheap compared to the shield equivalent. A flight of T2 small drones takes cares of the odd frigate that escapes my blasters.

Not much you can do about the hull cost of Marauders; it is what it is, unfortunately. My mostly T2 fit Marauder is probably comparable in price to your Rattlesnake (maybe even a bit less).

(Nolak Ataru) #39

Assuming T2 everything but the faction you mentioned, you’re still about 170m more than the rattle. You’re shy 391 with Void L, but that limits your range to 9.54km+14.8km range while neutering your tracking (-25% tracking speed, which is already poor because you don’t have Marauders V). I can apply to the entire grid while you’re still struggling with your MWD, whereas if you swap to Null L you’re down to 971 DPS at 17.8km+41.5km and, again, neutered tracking (-25% tracking speed).

My Rattlesnake outputs 1725 DPS to near enough as to make no difference the entire grid. I don’t have to Bastion, I have application mods that make applying to elite frigates a breeze, and I’m not stuck if hostiles decide to make my life uncomfortable.

The Kronos can be an insane clear machine… with the right fit.

(Arthur Aihaken) #40

The most disingenuous players in this game are Rattlesnake pilots. Stating you get “1725” DPS is like saying I get “1800” DPS in my Kronos. Sure, maybe with Fury cruise and Augmented Ogres, but then you’re not factoring in time to target or missile application against anything but battleships.

When I get 1200 DPS with my Kronos I’m actually getting 1200 DPS (and it’s considerably more, but I tend to round down and not up). And when I say it’s faster and more agile, I’m talking 20% more velocity, 25-50% more warp speed and higher inertia. I don’t need to hit out past 100km if the majority of targets fall within my mission parameters of 60km. Just because I have Bastion doesn’t necessarily mean I utilize it in every situation. I can also swap in a MJD (which Marauders excel at using) if need be.

Not every mission is a full clear, some missions have objectives and some are well worth salvaging. This is where the Kronos shines. Machariels are great in combination with blitzing, but the Kronos is hands down the best for all-around mission performance.

Armor fits trump shield fits, which is why the Kronos edges out the Vargur and Paladin (the Golem is probably the worst overall Marauder).

The Leshak was mentioned as well. It’s fine, but you’re typically averaging around 800-1000 DPS with Meson or Mystic, which places it in-line with most T1 and Faction battleships. I have one, but the Kronos still outperforms it. Now if they had a Triglavian Marauder…