Best ships for lowsec-combat sites dualbox/2 players

Hello Community,

Im looking for best dualbox/2 players ships for lowsec pve combat sites. I was thinking Stratios+Gila. Im not quite familiar with combat anoms size ship size mechanic class vs. rating. For example lowsec has 3 to 8 class tier but the level is same as in high sec 1-4. Which one is affecting the ship size can pass through ?

Thank you

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Hi, strange nobody has answered your question. I don’t really know what combination of ships is best to use, probably good idea to have logistics included in the larger sites. Anyway here’s the basic rule / guide for ship class allowed to enter gated sites.

DED 1/10 = Frigate
DED 2/10 = Destroyer and lower
DED 3/10 = Cruiser and lower
DED 4/10 = Battlecruiser and lower
DED 5/10 and higher = Battleship and lower

Hideout = Destroyer and lower
Lookout = Cruiser and lower
Watch = Battlecruiser and lower
Vigil = Battlecruiser and lower
Provisional Outpost = Battlecruiser and lower
Outpost = Battleship and lower
Minor Annex = Battleship and lower
Annex = Battleship and lower
Base = Battleship and lower
Fortress = Battleship and lower
Military Complex = Battleship and lower
Provincial HQ = Battleship and lower
Fleet Staging Point = Battleship and lower

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