Best solo/duo combat PvE ISK making?


In short: What is the most profitable solo/2-player combat PvE activity?

  • Ratting anomalies like Forsaken hubs, Havens etc.
  • DED sites
  • Wormhole ratting

So basically what is the end-game of using your combat skills for making ISK if you are either solo or two people?

Longer version:
I am currently in a good nullsec corp. I have basically perfect fitting, shield, armor, gunnery and missile skills (subcap skills). I have no experience with any of the above except running forsaken hubs.

I’ve heard supercarriers making 100m ticks and C5/C6 WH dread teams making billions per hour. Any of the last mentioned possible with two people? Do you need to live in a WH to do this, or can you live in null and go to a WH to do your wallet refill every once in awhile?

Appriciate any input :slight_smile: Thanks!

Edit: Removed the “stealth” link to my guide mentioned by @erg_cz below. (I honeslty thought people appriciated free, detailed guides… my mistake. :frowning: )

The endgame is PvP.


Posting in stealth "I rat in Vindi!’ thread number 4 or 5 OP created during the week.

You have to live in WH to farm C5/C6 in dread. Even best WH to null can not let more than 3 jumps with dread (so your dread will be there alone and you will have only one attempt) and we all know, that null does not get much of WH connections at all.


Thanks. I’m completely new to the WH mechanics. So a two man corp with no multiboxing can live in a C5? Is that viable, or is that just asking for trouble from already established WH corps? I do like PvP but the carebear blood runs through my veins. :smile:

Side note: I removed the part about my guide. I don’t know why people hate so much on advertising a free, detailed guide to making more ISK? Am I missing something here? I thought people would be more thankful. This was the last time I contributed to the forum in that way…

was the guide a link to YouTube or a link to a guide in the forums? ill have a look if not a post to get more YouTube views.

(found your guide)

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Burner missions are also worth to take a look at, depends in witch region you are and what the items in the LP store are worth. The good thing is they are not that time consuming and can be done in short gaming sessions.

Thanks, I never considered missions for actual good ISK. Are those available in nullsec? And approximately how much ISK would you make per hour all things taken into account (combat, looting, selling loot/LP)?

Doing missions are surely not the ultimate endgame in pve, but it’s a pretty save activity in Null sec because your enemies can’t simply catch you with an IC, they have to probe you. You can find the agents in the NPC space pockets in 0.0.

Burner missions are especially good for Loyality points, the standart Team Burner or Burner (frigates) gives about 21k Loyality points and takes about 5-15 minutes from accepting to completion depending on the burner. No looting except for the burner wreck.

It’s hard to say what the ISK value is, because it depends on your LP store.

Okay, cool. I will check that out! Thank you. :grinning:

Keeping an eye on this thread because the best is probably too easy and needs to be nerfed :slight_smile:

Hey that one player doesn’t speak for the rest of the community and he definitely doesn’t speak for me.
Now if you have a great detailed guide for making ISK and want to share it with the rest of us, then by all means do it. There’s still a few of us here who appreciate the time and effort someone puts into creating a good useful guide.

By the way, if your guide is hosted on another site and you don’t want to post it here again, just eve mail me a link to it.

As for your initial question, I think ratting Hubs, Havens, etc is similar to running missions, steady ISK that can still be done even if you only log into the game for short game-play sessions.

Running DED sites and escalations is more of a ‘Make it or Break it’ type of content that requires investing more time in-game. Basically it’s a gamble but when it hits, it usually hits big.

W-holes may make great ISK but if not already established in one, just the logistics alone of finding a lucrative one would be time consuming.

Also don’t count out running Sansha Incursions, can make some great ISK if set up in a good fleet.

Personally I think it’s best to mix things up a bit, run some Hubs / Havens, then do some probing for DED’s, then run Incursions, etc. That way you won’t get burned out / bored with doing the same thing over and over again.


@DeMichael_Crimson Thank you so much. It means a lot. :grinning:

So am I correct in assuming mission running and “regular” ratting (anomalies) are roughly the same ISK per time/effort? Or at least in the same ball park?

Then, if you want to be riskier, you can do DED sites. Less safe, less guarantee for income, but in the long run a more profitable activity for ISK per time/effort?

If you want to make big ISK in a fleet, if you can find one, Sansha incursions are greater ISK per time/effort but a lot less available than the beforementioned ones.

And, lastly, wormholes are indeed the big moneymakers wet dream, but the initial hassle of logistics, and the constant scanning and all is only for more hardcore players? Not for a 9 - 5 worker who can play for 2 hours, twice a week? But IF you do it, you can make much more than all the above?

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Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Ratting and blitzing lv 4 burners and or running lv 5 missions is steady income that can be easily done by a player with limited time available for game play.

I wouldn’t say running DED’s is less safe. But it does take more time and it’s a gamble for the rewards. However in the long run it can and does bring in some good ISK.

Sansha Incursions are always happening and they do rake in the ISK, just may take a while to get into a good fleet that’s already active. However I’m not sure if a 2 hr game session would be long enough or acceptable with established fleets currently running the incursions. Course you could always form your own fleet.

Anyway, w-holes are definitely the top line ISK bank if you’re already set up and based in one. A couple hrs of game play session is definitely doable in a w-hole…

Thanks. Great information! I’ve got lots of research to do on these now :grin:

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Burner missions are good for ISK through LP, but they require a huge learning curve and perfect execution to pay off. One tiny mistake and there go your profits for a few days. You also must learn exactly which lvl4 missions you have to run and which you can skip to keep your standing up far enough to keep accepting burner missions. If you run too many lvl4 missions your isk/hour is considerably reduced. Hateless gaming (youtube and twitch) is the expert.

There are far more of these kinds of threads around lately!

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