Best structure for a starting corp

So what is the best structure for a starting corp for essential stuff like clone and can make isk so it can run itself and kinda cheap i want to know becuse i am thinking of starting a corp for around 10 people or maybe rent a struckture with full access. ?

Thanks for all answers.

If you not going for mining or industry at all for for an astrahus. It can fight of small attacks if you put weapons on and reduces the fuel cost for a clone bay. Where did you intend on setting said structure up, high sec low sec?

Depends on where you want to live and what you want to do with it. If you’re looking for a safe port in a wormhole or something you may want to start with an Astrahus, if you’re looking to do some moon mining you’ll want an Athanor, or for production a Raitaru. All of the medium structures are pretty affordable and they all have their roles.

In high sec near a low sec gate.

Astrahus is good then, just be careful of war dec corps.

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