Beware: dangerous pirates!

Can I get a few likes or hugs from my fellow hardworking miners and haulers out here? You are my friends, not those nasty pirates!

Here is the related killmail :

The video is there now :


I am sorry for the loss, but let’s be fair here, you fell right into it for the sake of “Fast warps”.

Not to mention the nasty A button that caused the bumps from the start. That button is pirates best friend… Only when others use it.

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Don’t trust strangers. Don’t trust acquaintances either. Only trust people you know in RL. Or just take a chance but try not to take chances when you fly around with expensive ships and equipment !


I’m not sure if this is serious or what, but you should have realized that this section of the forum is haunted by pirates, not by miners. I hope you’re prepared for a deluge of kind mockery the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

After all, you sent a duel invite, you got what you asked for.

To Scipio, nice job.



No risk of the OP being anything other than a pretty chill guy.


Yeah as far as the OP… Seems a mellow chill response. Cute image too.

And yes… Do not accept duals from strangers. You will be killed!


I should have known better. But occasionally, I drop what I am doing to help a fellow capsuleer out. Sometimes it does work out well, and sometimes I’m like… well, better fraps this and try to make something of it and at least help others to be careful and not follow my example. I have to say I was confused and tried to make the best of the situation. Yes, I lost a ship but I can get those funds back by playiong EVE Online and I like it. I don’t need to PLEX my account so i’m not too stressed.

PS: I did fell a bit ackward when he told me ‘It was his first time’… :blush:



Enjoy the video. It’s a rough cut but has some music and soundbites added to them to keep you EXITED while watching the adventures of Aedaxus !

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Only one thing I can say. Natural selection works. Darwin ftw.


I watched the video. Kudos to you both.



I endorse this product and/or actual good post. Posting ones mistakes without demanding changes or justification? Are we in C&P???


That YouTube clip highlights the sheer boredom of Eve’s ganker gameplay.

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I see where you are coming from, though that video isn’t from a gankers perspective. It’s from Aedaxus’s perspective as the Orca pilot.

A sort of flip side of the encounter is here (though no video):

The scram, web, F1 to pay respects aspect in the video might look boring, but no more or less boring than a lot of other “non-ganker” pvp. If you check my killboard, aside from this one kill, all of my pvp is honorabru lowsec and nullsec based from solo roaming to mainly small gang and large fleets (though they are mainly on an alt):

This engagement was the first one in a couple of years (aside from Alliance Tournament matches) where I actually felt any sort of emotion at all. Whether solo, small gang or large fleet pvp, there is just as much doing nothing in other types of pvp as well, even as an FC at times.

What isn’t shown in the video is what I was doing in parallel on my alt before, during and after this duel. In many respects (and I often duel box logistics for fleets), there was a lot more going on for a longer time than many other engagements.

So I can totally see why it might look boring and I would have probably assessed it just the same before doing it, but the experience was anything but.




EVE is a game I play on comms with my friends… and occasionally we shoot stuff.


you guys make me feel like i should charge people for being on coms with me.

@Rowdy_Ronny lol

This makes no sense, because i was in a completely different context, where people argued about being on coms. I saw the above post and had a brainfart, didn’t notice until you liked the post. so… thanks, i guess, for pointing it out.


That sucks. Never accept a dual. Why didn’t you fight back?

You should have had a shield command on there and some mid or heavy drones.

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Didn’t suck as bad for him as the guy that duelled me an hour ago though:

Don’t fit ORE bulkheads or expanders. At 300 million each (just under) they are worth trying to get.

As for the OP fighting back, he had only mining and salvage drones in his drone bay. He should have had combat drones (well, more than 1 faction Wasp).

He did have some Vespas, so could have caused some inconvenience, but he was always going to die once the duel was accepted because he had no flights of combat drones (which I would have just killed first). That would have made it much more interesting, but not changed the outcome.

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True, that sucks just walking around, and suckering guys like that.

It’s like checking out a hot chick and finding a foot long under her dress.