"Bigger should not mean better!" WAAAAAAAH!

Logi ships should be free.


The capship isn’t going to run anywhere. Running isn’t an option. It’s going to be caught, and it’s going to die.

I just listed a bunch of ways, and I could list more. How are bigger ships better? I can list one way: they are better at shooting large structures. Can you name any more ways?

No, my real argument is that people say “bigger should not mean better!” therefore nerf caps. I’m saying “bigger should not mean worse either!” and I’m showing that in most ways I can think of, bigger is worse and smaller is better. So why the continuous nerfs?

Yea I agree but on condition, make cap ships double the price of battle ships but only 30% better stats than battle ship’s not 100x the stats.

You have obviously in all your time not went out much, as you would find that 90% of roams with 4 friends end with a super dropped on you and then your dead no matter what ships you fly those fighters just murder everything.

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Been on a bazillion roams, never had any caps undock, never had supers or anything else dropped on me. If it happens to one frigate pilot in a million, it’s gonna be blasted all over the forums until kingdom come, and everybody and their mother will hear about it over and over until their ears bleed.

I’d love to see a capship dropped on my small roaming gang because everybody who knows anything knows it will be a dead capship. The most likely thing any capship pilot will ever do is dock the hell up as soon as a frigate is within three jumps of his ratting hole. I’ve never seen any capship pilot do anything else, unless he was afk or distracted.

And if a super is gonna be dropped on your gang, it’s gonna have support. Hell, how do you think it even gets dropped? Who lit the cyno? The cyno just lit itself and popped up out of thin air? So if it has support, then it isn’t a ‘super,’ it’s ‘super plus others.’

Then use something else for PVE.

They are great at taking down other capitals and supers. With the right support, they can even be effective against battleships and cruisers.

Because CCP wants to avoid a situation where a capital ship is the go-to choice for any situation.

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[quote=“Beast_of_Revelations, post:24, topic:223859, full:true”]

so because you did not see it, it doesn’t happen anywhere in new eden?

Init kikistukas fleets are formed almost every day, and we regularly see our targets drop 50 supers on us (with faxes etc of course), and it works to counter the power of kikimoras fleets. Several times per week.

You original post seems to forget the number 1 rule in eve : it depends

a solo pve super against a bombers fleet? yes the super is weaker and should dock up
10 pvp supers with faxes against 2 thrashers? guess who wins

you said “caps cannot dock up”. They can jump out (with NSA off), no?

Honestly i wonder if your post was a troll or not


I think it’s a function of where you live maybe we get caps and supers dropped on us very often.

I have had them dropped on me solo and in small gangs. Just recently I was in a 4 man where the heaviest ship was a hurricane and we were dropped by a super. I have had supers dropped on me in a solo cruiser before.

There is so much isk out there and no risk for them they just drop on anyone just because.

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Generally speaking, in the natural world. Bigger is better. There are exceptions, but those are exceptions. Not the norm.

As for the op - boo hoo. You can’t rat 100% safely in an unsupported cap ship, something it was never supposed to do. Good. This is by design. Your failness is not a flaw in the game.

You have to distinguish between normal caps and supercaps.
I rat with a supercap (Hel) and I don’t run away when I see single frigates. Only if the Intel announces a larger (40+) fleet.
But I also have all implants and about 28m EHP with fax on demand and cyno on grid. My super can tank for a longer time, until the reinforcement comes.

For the normal caps the motto is: “die quietly”, that is correct.

Well, to be fair, there should be no reason to use a capship in any other kind of fight in the first place IMO.

It they were powerfull in other situations, you would very quickly make them the only goal of this game: If the bigger ship can do everything, just rush toward it, never bother using other ships.

Lol, no. That is clearly wrong in a military perspective.

Well, it’s true if you only speak about a pure 1vs1 situation, but warfares are not 1vs1. And the OP wasn’t complaining about 1vs1 either.

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Capitals and citadels are ■■■■. Remove both and the game is 100% better. Good day.

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Never hear about a pack of wolves eating a lion.

I bet Velociraptors never took down a T-rex either.

If you prefer not to be called a troll in most posts, you should probably stop posting trollbait threads.

You should probably also stop AFK farming in your carriers in regions where the local intel doesn’t work. You should probably also stop ignoring the intel that does work. You should probably also stop AFKing. After you do that, it will be easier to use intel channels and D-Scan to be aware of when those 20 stealth bombers are headed your way.

If you’re going to use the OP caps designed by CCP to entice the Null farmer crowd who are also expected by CCP to have their own alts to support their gameplay (see recent “Play EVE the right way” promotion), you should prob. be farming with an alt who can assist your OP caps when needed.

Lastly, you should probably stop trying to make threads out of exaggerated nonsense. It doesn’t do anything for CCP, EVE, or your issue - it simply convinces people you’re mentally challenged. It also lowers the benefits of the forums for everyone by providing yet another example of “reasons to ignore the EVE forums”.



Maybe not wolves specifically, mostly because they don’t really live in the same place you know, but stories about packs of smaller predators killing a bigger predator are not that hard to find actually.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that either ^^

Those things were basically Interceptors with permanent MWD.


But by pack of hyenas :stuck_out_tongue: 2:45 Homedef is coming :sweat_smile:


So you are saying capships are indeed vulnerable, and not deserving of more nerfs?

Caps are great at taking down other caps… so they need to be nerfed more?

Who is it that keeps saying they do?

I may have missed it, but I couldnt see one call for a specific nerf or even a general one of any kind.

I have my own opinion on em and its not to nerf em, but Im not a regular cap user in the slightest.

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Where the hell is its escort?

Combined arms is a thing…

Use the right tool for the job.

–Toolmaker Gadget

What I am saying is that it’s not as easy as you make it seem. You have to look at the big picture.
A single capital is always vulnerable as they are designed to be used as part of a fleet.

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