[BIGYO] Big Yoshi Energy Inc. | Closed

Closed for maintenance, recruitment on hold

Good morning, still searching :world_map:

looking for pilots

still searching

recruitment is OPEN :open_book:

recruitment is :open:

we have added a few new members over the past week but we are still looking!

We are growing fast and still looking for tight members who want to feather the holes of eve :hole:

Looking for some more pilots who want to pvp AND make some fancy isk

still searching

looking for recruits

Still looking for pilots

Looking for the best pilots for the best corp

Looking for pilots

looking for pilots

our killboard may go red while we learn and experiment but our wallets stay GREEN

Looking for PVP pilots

Looking for motivated pilots!

Looking for max men

we need more PvP pilots and spodheads. if you are both we will take you TODAY
let’s burn a null region :smiley: