Black Ops Orca


Yesterday there was a Reddit post from some one wanting the Orca mining yield to be adjusted to better fit between the other ships.

While I do agree with the post I am here to discuss my response to it witch at this time is the top up voted response.

T2/Black Ops Orca.

ORE through the use of their T2 blops mining frigates has been mining in dangerous deep space but do loose ships trying to get there and back.
In an effort to reduce losses they have built a black ops support ship with a very large fuel bay to jump their miners right into deep space and to their mining sites and back again in relative safety.

This ship would function almost identically to the current black ops battleships.
-Black Ops jump drive.
-Longer jump and bridge range than blops battleships. (not sure)
But unlike battleships it would be more suited for mining with a drone mining bonus large ore hold plus fleet hanger along with it’s large fuel bay and due to it’s deep space needs and more advanced systems it would also gain the ability to use the industrial core from the Rorqual to facilitate compression and more tank if needed.

So let the ninja moon mining begin.

But let’s face it ninja mining will not be it’s only use although it will be an interesting one

The main use would be a far superior support platform for running black ops fleets. With a very large fuel hanger for much longer runs without having to go back for fuel.
It would also free up the battleships to jump right into the fight as the Orca would bridge the rest of the fleet.
And with a drone damage bonus and the tank bonus of an industrial core it would be a reasonably hard ship to bring down perhaps some where in the middle between a Marauder and lower tanked Caps.

I do believe there is a place for this ship in the game as it would be a cool game play idea with the new moon mining we have just gotten along with being a far better logistical platform for long range blops fleets.

I quite like this idea and it got good reception on the Reddit post so what do you guys think of this?

Black Ops Orca… this won’t end well.



I’ll just camp out here to enjoy this thread with you


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…what they said. Normally I’d be trolling, but… I’m tired. And lazy. So I’ll just sit this one out and watch, at least for now.

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Can’t decide if so bad no body knows what to say or so good no body knows what to say :confused:

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Personally i think that once POSs are removed, the ability to be nomadic will be reduced. Therefor a ship, like a T2 orca, could be designed to fill that role. This T2 orca should be able to anchor and erects a force field that acts like a pos force field. It would have expanded fleet and ship bays to allow allies to refit and store items/ships.

I don’t think a black ops orca is needed. Instead i think ORE should introduce a Tech 3 industrial ship, that can be customised to ore/gas/ice mine, haul, boost and reprocess as well as being able to take a covert bridge if the covert subsystem is fitted.

All we need in this area is a viable ore hauler that can be bridged. We don’t need a full orca type thing.

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