Black out in HS

Yeah, we need actually to delete all chats in eve, even Rookie Help. Yes, that’s definitely a good idea!

It would frighten every miner who is watching local for incoming ganker fleets.

CODE did it even with Local. Step up that game son.

Who the ■■■■ pays any attention to local in high sec?





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Any smart industrialist who flys a freighter or mining barge.

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This is a bit silly, though I would resub to participate in the slaughter if it happened.

See, in null or in a wh, every ship for which you cannot account is a threat… which makes d-scan an effective tool for assessing your risk.

If you see a hunting boat on dscan, you can finish stuffing your maw with isks and ores and shuffle your way back to safety of your station .

The interesting thing about a highsec blackout is that you would presumably have so many ships remaining on d-scan that it would be nearly impossible to use d-scan to assess your risk. (Under war dec, you could try to find a deserted system, I guess… but I think the effort outweighs the reward for that to be the only feasible highsec option.)

The result would be that anyone doing pve under a wardec would have literally no way of detecting an impending attack until I was rubbing my hunting boat on his/her canopy.

I think it sounds like a great hunting dynamic… for me. But I think it is in no way comparable to null blackouts and would be negative for highsec overall.

But fun while it lasted…

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