Black screen, no displayport signal

Hello, from about beggining of September i am getting no displayport signal in EVE. Usualy when i enter warp. Sometimes earlier. My PC either freezes or restarts. Because of this i have bought a new GPU, new Motherboard, rmad CPU, replaced the RAM sticks, unplugged everything ofc, reinstalled the game, updated all the drivers even bios, but problem prevails. The problem is the same on old mobo and gpu as on the new. Other games don’t do this to my PC.
Any idea what to do?

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Wow, sorry to hear that.

Maybe send in a Support Ticket:
Select type = Technical Support
Category = ‘Stuck on black loading screen’ or ‘Game repeatedly freezes / crashes’

Be sure to fill out the entire form and if possible, include a screen shot of the issue as well.

Just remember to stay cool, it’ll probably take them some time to figure it out. In the meantime you could try searching the sub-forum Issues, Workarounds & Localization.

Actually this thread probably should have been posted there.

Anyway, good luck to you and I hope the issue gets resolved quickly.

Sounds like the only common factor between your setups is your power suply unit. While it sounds unlikely that it would be your problem, it stands to reason to give another psu a go. Even if your problem persist atleast you can cross out another component on your troubleshooting list.

I think you are right. It gappens now on all games. Sending PSU back to the seller for a replacement…

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