Blasters - Solo / Smallgang PvP


With neuts being so popular and being fitted to all different kinds of ships, you never really know what might have neuts fitted until it’s too late - I feel like blasters are just not worth it in Solo / Smallgang situations?

On paper rail kiting fits seem to yield a much higher success rate - even if in some cases that just translates to being able to escape/warp away from something you know can catch you or get under your guns - this is something you can actually use knowledge and judgement to determine, unlike neuts.

Am I right?


(Francis Raven) #2

A gnosis with blasters in the face would beg to differ with your point of view.
HOWEVER, many people are running with projectiles because of this very issue.

(Netan MalDoran) #3

Only ever had this happen once, and it was against a dragoon which had neut bonuses (Didnt know that at the time), threw on autocannons to my algos instead, but eventually reverted back to blasters unless i had fitting issues because the DPS is much better.