Dragoon, use Point or Scram?

Some buddies of mine were thinking about this idea where we neut out some Ferfox guys after the intial tackle. And because we’re cheapskapes, we’re not having a lot of BCs, but we will have 30 Dragoon pilots next week.

At least 1/3 (preferably more) or the Dragoons should have tackle modules so that the initial tackle can die and we still hold the target. My logic was scram was pointless since if we neutralized the capacitor of the targets, MWD is shut down.

Then someone pointed out to me that if we used warp disruptors, there isn’t enough CPU so we’d have to downgrade from compact energized membranes to the one that isn’t layered and doesn’t use CPU or swap a rig out for something that does give CPU. Well nuts. But was my logic of “if you’re in scram range and can neut them to 0, warp disruption is enough” sound?

I would probably bring several buds commited to attack frigates with scram webs.

If they are small neuts use scrams. If you are fighting an established force and you are in Dragoons, please send me the killmails. I will look forward to reading them.

If you like destroyers, Coercers, Thrashers, and Corms are all far superior to the Dragoon in fleets. If you like neuts, bring something with more mass like an Arbitrator or more versatility like a bunch utility neut Thrashers. Please don’t use Dragoons. Punishers are better fleet ships than Dragoons.

Fited punishers and thrashers are even cheaper than Dragoons so… ok. I guess we’ll go for the “they can’t shoot us if they’re a wreck” instead of the “Feroxes need capacitor to fire their railguns” idea.

The idea that you could neut out the entire enemy fleet to a degree that they cannot even shoot you any more will not work anyway. The more you spread out your neuts, the longer it takes to get them all dry (and small neuts are not going to put too much pressure on a battlecruiser). All your guys will probably target the primary anyway and while it might help to have it neuted dry qickly, the more important part will be the DPS you can apply to it. In the end it matters little if it explodes with empty or full capacitor.

Neuts are usually focused on key ships of the enemy fleet composition to make them dry quickly and force them to burn capsticks or ping for cap transfer. Like Logistics, Capitals, Commandships to shut down the boost or Triglavians to break their spool. Or to free some own ships from nasty tackle in case they need to leave.

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The new Coercer Navy may be what he is looking for?

Yes, exactly!

He is obviously too poor. If he wasn’t, he’d use Navy Prophecies or just more Feroxes or even something like Zealots.

Mmmm… dreaming of 30 Navy Prophesies just dropping into my lap for no effort or ISK whatsoever.

More seriously… I guess thrashers are better the Dragoons especially if we got a good combat prober.

Experience is the best knowledge. Welp a fleet of Dragoons, maybe even multiple fleets, and learn. What could have helped the target go down faster? Did you need more information, tank, logi, range, damage, alpha, etc.? How could these problems be solved in the future?


Escalating to ever more superior force just leads to the boring result that you won’t get much fights at all.

He will probably have won more even if he loses the Dragoon fleet than he can ever win with fielding NavyBCs.

That very well could be true. I just hope that people don’t drop dreads and carriers on a 30-man roaming Navy Prophecy gang. That’s just sad.

A Dragoon is a flying brick. :-1:

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