Blingable Ships in the T1 Frigate Lineup in FW

Every ship has been blinged. I have heard tales of full deadspace and faction Kestels, the nastiest dual-rep Incurses, and Condors that go the speed of light. Not to mention the Dramiels that only show yellow in the highslots and rigs, and the Daredevils that have eye-wateringly valuable abyssal magstabs and webs. However, there seems to be two ships in the T1 lineup that are blinged much more than normal ships.

The Hookbill’s zKill page is really wierd. There are tons of kills and losses, a good proportion of them solo, and a stupid number of blingy losses. This week’s solo tab has about 1b in top 7 kills. The top loss is 1.1b. Some of these dudes go out every week with a new Hookbill fitted with faction Launchers, deadspace AB, faction extenders, Fed Navy Webs, Delineative scrams, faction gyros, and other stuff. I know that if I could get any ship I wanted for free and I couldn’t sell it, the turbobling Polarbill is what I would use, but I can’t seem to justify spending much more than 100M on a solo PvP frigate, much less 500M or more.

Another similarly goofy zKill page, these dudes quite often have very good abyssal modules, in particular Afterburners, Extenders, Webs, and Heat Sinks. While these ships are beastly things solo, I wonder why these in particular are turboblinged when ships such as the Worm are much more likely to be under 120M.

Are there any other ships you see turboblinged beyond reason in FW space frequently?

The Succubus is the gateway to turbobling — if I remember right it has to be blinged pretty hard due to its pitiful powergrid in order to avoid having to fit any fitting rigs/modules.

I suspect once people are blinging it a lot to get over this limitation, “why not more” is no longer unreasonable. Gateway drug to abyssal rolling even more.

generally some ships scale better with bling due to good base stats, or strong hull bonus, others have weaknesses that need to be addressed. available event boosters can also have an impact on the current “flavor of the month”.

the usual suspects are often ships that match the above points and also have good range control and can retreat from unfavorable engagements.

the garmur, cruor and sentinel are other ships i’ve seen with a lot of expensive stuff. but actually everything gets pimped, especially if boosters and implants are also taken into account.

I guess that is a very very good point. The Hookbill is literally the exact same way, except with CPU too. Even a simple TD SAAR DCU fit can’t have full T2 without a 5% CPU implant. Next thing you know, Fed Navy Webs and the godlike Delineative scramblers.

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