Blitz and Burner Guide v1.2.3


(Muffinmixer) #21

Yup, might as well go all-in for cap-stable or very long cap at this point.

It just sucks, since we had a fit that could clear the serpentis agent in 45 seconds without reloading. Now we’re looking at a cap-stable fit and it’s gonna be 2 minutes with reloads.

Also it sucks when we lose ships because of lack of communication.

(Sylvia Kildare) #22

What about doing them with two ships to help compensate for the changes?

I know not everyone has 2 accounts, but for those that do… have there been many serious looks into how to dualbox anomic agents efficiently by the theorycrafters behind these burner topics on the old and new forums?

(Zetetic Elenchus) #23

I think the consensus is if you have 2 burner-capable characters, it is more productive to dual-box them on their own missions instead of cooperating on a single one.

(Persifonne) #24

I wonder how far I can push the mass declining.

Have great social skills and can honestly decline every single L4 mission other than burners, scarlete and recon1, and dont come close to hitting -2 agent.

I do run Recon 1 and scarlet always but promise those are ONLY 2 non-burner missions and it isnt for the standings.

May just start declining the agent ones.
Doesnt hurt your standings, would need to see if I get enough team/bases to keep above -2 agent standings.

Ill test it over several days, maybe even add back in a couple of those blitz L4s like assault or cargo or whatever i have gotten used to just declining now a days

(J Connrad) #25

I can confirm pretty much everything Muffinmixer is saying. All the Burner frigs I deal with appear to have heavily buffed tanks including the Angel Cartel Transport Dramiels. I can’t break tanks of Angel Cartel Agent Dramiels or Sansha Agent Succubus’ and Serpentis Agent Daredevils take almost 3x as much ammo to break. I don’t run Blood Agents, Guristas Agents, Supercarriers or Ashimmu so I can’t speak for them, but Teams and Serpentis Talos appear normal. I verified most of this on the test server after almost losing a ship and consider myself lucky that - thanks to dumb luck in the missions I received - I am not half a billion isk in the hole after today. I always check patch notes for this kind of thing so IF this was intentional rather than just a bug then I will be very disappointed in CCP.

(Persifonne) #26

Short update on the decline.

Seems to be okay.
Added in all Recons, Loot the thief, Assault, slave trader 1/2 in addition to Scarlete and normal recon1.

Confirm Talos and teams normal.

Just buy some skillpoints and level up social/security connections/diplpmacy/connections to level 5s.


Only run teams maybe a talos base, havent done Ash yet and throw in some Blitz L4s.

Should stay above 200mill/hr.

LP/isk ratio may go up if this stays for extended time period actually

Screw the agent ones

(guigui lechat) #27

I made serpentis agent yesterday. Had to reload. almost capped out. I thought “what did I do wrong” ?

Well I guess it’s time to do something else untill ccp correct this.

waiting for officer fit required for burners …

(guigui lechat) #28

BTW it’s very hard to reach 200M/h now with market state. Thukker and SoE are below that value

(Persifonne) #29

It definitely isn’t hard to reach 200mill/hr as of 2 days ago if all you are running is burners with good social skills.

You should have been able to mass decline every single mission other than burners as of 2 days ago but still do recon1 and scarlet just for that implant and recon’s speed.

I mean if you can do all burners but the carrier one and spend a few hours DECLINING ALL others 200mill/hr is easy

Edit: i mean yeah you dont get the over 2000lp/isk ratio you did a few years ago but just checking fuzzworks shows you can get like 1500/isk/lp.
Just need max social skills, and use buy/sell orders with good trade alt.

You run in Lann and can run all burners but carrier while mass declining ALL L4s but recon1 and scarlette?

This nerf wont hurt too bad, should make isk/lp ratio actually increase as some people stop doing them. Just DECLINE, push that -2 agent standing and only run teams/talos

(Muffinmixer) #30

If you run at least 9 different burners and have diplomacy V + social V, you should be able to maintain agent and corp standings above -2.

The burners I run are:

  • All 4 teams
  • Angel, Sansha, Serpentis, and Blood Raider Agents
  • Angel Base

And as a backup I can also run the Serpentis Base.

I don’t run the following:

  • Guristas Agent -> Reward is bugged to be ~40% less than other burners.
  • Blood Base -> Again reward is bugged to be ~10-30% less than other burners (changes with each patch… for some reason?).
  • Guristas Base -> It’s just a very long and terrible mission to run.

On that note, running burners exclusively in null-sec nets you several times more isk/hr if you can stomach the dangers of NPC null. The dominating running strategy in null is to use disposable multi-ship setups (multiple T2-fit DDs with Kitsunes per site, for example). I don’t use that strategy, but some random neutrals in my mission hub have bragged about how they can generate up to 800 mil/hr with it.

(guigui lechat) #31

wrong. if you use an alt for trading then you are getting only half of what you’re claiming to get. This alt of your is getting you a non neglectable part of your 200M/h.

I buy items @SO jita, sell min @BO jita. and thus I barely make 200M/h. Yes I also have an alt to increase this but my burner toon only makes 200M/h.

I don’t run in lann , it’s really too low. I dynamically change agent according to market variations.

Finally, no, if you have “normal mission strikes” you can’t be above -2 with your agent. Sometimes I have tens of vengeance, silence informant, damsel, zazzmatazz, extravaganza.

(Persifonne) #32

You need all the main social skills that matter to 5. Social/diplo/sec connect/connect

Lann is low true sec 0.5 and the constellation causes most burners to be a couple jumps away.

You keep doing your own thing though and ill keep mass declining while only running burners in lann making over 200mill/hr easy.

(guigui lechat) #33

it’s been a year since I have social skills @V, thanks.

I tell you you can get a normal spike and not remain above -2.

You’ll keep assuming I don’t understand you and I’ll keep considering you have a childish behaviour then.

All you been saying so far either I know it already or I know it is wrong, like the part where you say you make 200M/h doing burners when you actually need two accounts to do so.

(Persifonne) #34

My trader does way more than sell my sisters lp. So then i make like 500mill/hr?

Lol stop being dense just cuz you suck at making burner isk

(guigui lechat) #36

you are doing less than 200M with your non-trader, that’s all it means.

and your behaviour shows you lack manners.

(Jane Dior) #37

Thanks @Muffinmixer for the info on the serpentis burner, i lost two ships ( one unfortunate selfdestruct, because I could not break the tank.)

And all this time, i was thinking, what am i doing wrong, …

@Chainsaw_Plankton, your cap stable fits are they stll up to date and able to kill the burners?

(Chainsaw Plankton) #38

I’ve tested most of them and they look good, just took a bit of extra time to kill a few of them (Angels, blood, and serpentis seem to be the ones that got buffed). Note my chars have max or close to max skills, and implants (speaking of that I should go add a note of that on my post).

Just haven’t tested angel base I assume it should still work, will just take a little longer and you might want to use a bit of heat early on in the fight. It can tank two forever, not sure about 3, and vs all 4 it slowly breaks. The shinier you go the better the tank gets, but it gets expensive. an a-type rep and x-type hardeners can tank all 4, it just gets into gank bait territory. Also if you aren’t worried about your connection you could probably swap the reactive armor hardener for another mag stab and that will help kill them faster, just need to heat the hardeners and sometimes the rep to make up for it. And the old cap boosted setup is probably fine for it too, it only went through a few charges should probably still be fine.

(Jane Dior) #39

Thanks for the update, Chainsaw

(Zarek Kree) #40

Jane…Just a quick note that you don’t have to self-destruct if you get stuck in a mission without being able to break the tank. If you’re cap stable and can tank the incoming damage for several minutes, you can simply log out, wait 5 minutes and log back in. You’ll find yourself at the acceleration gate to the mission pocket (fully intact).

Part of the benefit of cap stable fits is that they’re tolerant of disconnects without losing your ship.

(Muffinmixer) #41

Also if you have an alt character that you can multibox, you can jump them into the site in a Corvette to draw the rat’s attention momentarily. Align to a celestial with your troubled Runner and as soon as the rat drops the scram/point off of you, warp.