Block Mechanic for the forums?

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Add IDGAF and I’ll vote.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


+1 :smiley:

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Can we have a feature to block groups like CCP employees and ISD’s ? I only want to read and write shitposts and no official stuff.


If that’s the case then Reddit is where you wanna be.


For it.
This would be rational, as there is a block function in the game as well.

Implement it like how community moderated “hidden” posts are blacked out but can still be viewed by opening them.

This is preferable to the other character completely disappearing from your view, as its sometimes necessary to monitor their posts to check if they are breaking forum rules against you.


Opening up a Salvos thread would be hilarious after this change.

“Man gonna check out this 1600 post thread… What the? Why does this thread only have 500 posts?”


Actually, all regulars here have posted to me more than I have to them.
(Except Ramona, but she is AWOL)

Even Teckos, whom I have exchanged most posts with.

Funnily enough, I’m the person you also have posted most to in your forum history.

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I’m just fine here. Reddit, Facebook and Twitter are not for me. I like clumsy interfaces.
I will ask @Salvos_Rhoska to run for CSM and change the forum so we can have “block list with groups” so I can divide people into groups. I will have a group “Nasty pirates” another one called “Salty AFK Miners” and a “People that don’t understand and want to make teh game better.” group. That will do for now, but i’ll be needing more groups for teh future, and possibly subgroups…

Very good idea.
Id be for that, but am not in the CSM race this year.

Like it or not, a so called “Salvoshed” thread drives content here through the roof.

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Coming thru!

Cant block me!




Sure. Although the “mute” and forum filtering options work pretty good.

Topic moved to its proper place!

Yes, please, “participants” like @Auto-da-fe make this feature an absolute necessity…

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