Blockchain (Ethereum) based corporation?

Has anyone thought about creating a corp that uses blockchain (probably Ethereum) to manage player roles and allocate corporate resources? Seems like it would be a fun idea.

Until it losses another 25% in value

Yeah, I don’t know how much of the eth “currency” would be required to maintain the proposed organization, but I’m not very interested in the investment/speculative aspect of blockchain.

Where would be the fun in that?
And worse … wouldn’t that cost real money?
You don’t get to write anything on the blockchain for free?

Blockchaining access to corp wallets, that doesn’t smell like RMT at all.


You know you can run a block chain without involving any crypto currency, right? That pretty much everyone who’s actually thinking of using blockchains in business aren’t?

What’s the Benefit?

All You’re getting is an immutable record (assuming it’s distributed. Because someone running it by themselves could edit it and regenerate.


Mixing Eve with any RL currency is a bad idea unless you are specifically looking to test how bans work in this game.

blockchain is a technology, not a currency. Yes it is used in cryptocurrencies, but that not the only application of it.


IB4 someone loses the private keys…

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Guis? Where are you all going? HODL GANG!

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