Blood raider combat sites

Hi all,

I’m a returning player who’s been doing Blood Raider combat sites in lowsec before I went inactive.

I used to use the Muninn and I remember it had an utility high for the cloak - not anymore…
I used an Ishtar alot for both BR and Serpentis sites which works well but it’s kinda boring.

Are there any decent ships to do combat sites using turrets rather than sentries? A big plus if it’s lasers (locked into Blood Raider) because of the lack of need of “ammo”.

Because of LowSec I’d prefer it if it had a cloaky and an MWD!

Thanks in advance!

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A Legion for lasers or Loki (can refit off a mobile depot for travel fits) could work, also potentially a Stratios, though I think you’d get more drone dmg out of it than using lasers… apart from those I think you’d be back to looking at HACs with a cloak fit for travel (Zealot, Vagabond, Muninn, Eagle), which isn’t ideal but refitting off a mobile depot could possibly work in all scenarios.

Depending on where you’re roaming to/from it may be easier to base out of a low sec system and Jump Clone to HS for restocking on ammo/etc, which could negate some of the more dangerous travel required so then could just run pve/pvp fits and less need to concern yourself with travel fits.


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