Blood raider fobs suck!

I cant mine, i cant even leave my citadels unattend to do anything and i cant move out of the system with my citadels wtf were you thinking this is BS!!!


This is a direct quote from CCP regarding FOB NPC’s:

“Something something dynamic content. Something something player retention. Hurr durr Alpha clones. Buy some skins.”


As I recall the thinking was basically: “Citadel spam is rampant and high-sec carebaring is too safe”. So they added a random danger factor into the mix to shake things up a bit.

The worst mistake you can make in EVE is assuming you’re safe, and that your stuff won’t get blown up out of nowhere.

Carebearing in high sec and safe? There are more things dying to missions and other PVE activities in high sec than null sec if you compare both in terms of income potential. Calling high sec “too safe” is hilarious.

To the OP: Removing a Blood Raider FOB is not too hard. Get yourself 2 or 3 Nestors with large remote repairs, large cap transfers and heavy drones and then shoot away at the FOB. Takes about 40-50 minutes to destroy it. Ignore the defender rats, you should be able to tank them just fine. If not, align to something, hit your MJD and warp out.

I would absolutely love to see any sort of data backing that statement up.

I’ve lived in high-sec, and I’ve lived in null-sec. Unless you’re absolutely crap at it, running high-sec missions and incursions is basically idiot-proof.

Look at the latest event, or any of the events. Look at the FOB. Incursions, too.

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