Blue background in Overview (Stargate)

It i always incredible how much you forget if you didn’t play for 1-2 years. I have several questions now, some are actually new because of changes that i didn’t took notice even back then.

  1. I know you can highlight players background in the Overview based on their standing, but sometimes when I plan a route, a stargate is highlighted in blue, why? (i tink i saw a station too)
  2. Do GM’S reset Tutorial agents? I completed them all when i started Eve but as a completionist, i can not finish these new AIR Career programs… :confused:
  3. I once left an Item in a player owned station - the item is still listed in my “personal assets” but if i set a waypoint, i end up in an NPC station and the item is not there?

that’S all i got at the moment

You could ask via support ticket, but because where they offer standings they may not

Well, it doesn’t hurt to try…

1: Players can own structures, and in nullsec even jump bridges. If you saw blue stations/gates, it was probably those. You’ll see red ones as well, eventually.
2: Bug report it. It’s been a few years since I did them, but I don’t recall an issue restarting the career agents as an older player. If you already know generally what you’re trying to relearn using those agents, a few screwtube tutorials might work better for you than those missions.
3: You crossed out, but I’ll answer because someone else might need to know. Your items are in asset safety, and can be accessed through that system. There are already tutorials on that you can find, so I won’t go into detail.

But i was in Highsec and it was the background (the whole “bar” from left to right) not the symbol itself.

Players can own stations in highsec, but not jump bridges.

Without looking at your overview settings to see what you have selected to have a background of that color, I couldn’t tell you for certain what it was. I pointed out the most common occurrence for such a situation to happen.

I “figured” it out - it’s so basic… it’s just the highlighted object that is currently selected… :facepalm:

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