Blue circles on my screen during mission

What are these two blue circles that appear around my ship and gates in missions? And how can I remove them?



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Well, the ring is supposed to be the activation range of the gate. However, you are only supposed to see one. The other is a bug. Please press F12 and file a bug report about it.

Oh, so seeing multiple rings is not intended?

I saw two of those rings as well around incursion gates in null sec last week. Completely out of the way of the gate too. Seemed strange, but I never do incursions or other things that require those gates so I didn’t think much about it.

Guess those rings are bugged then.

These gates have 2 rings. The smaller is the 0 sphere perimeter, the bigger ring is the jump activation range perimeter. The problem with the current patch is that the second ring is offset.

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They just keep breaking shits.

You should see it in Worlds Collide. Seems the rings multiply the more accel gates are on grid.

IMO it was a bad idea with the rings in the first place. Bad for immersion -I dont need to see UI style stuff in space, but the most necessary. And now its borked. Why dont they just remove that cr*p all together.

It is graphical bug introduced recently.

UI in space actually makes complete sense in the lore. You know you’re in a windowless pod, right? You’re seeing things in third person from outside your ship because you’re looking through a camera drone. How do you think you hear sounds in space? Your ship’s computer simulates them based on sensor data to help your situational awareness. There’s no reason space couldn’t have a UI since you’re not experiencing any of it with your own senses in the first place.


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CCP seems to have fixed that problem somehow. At least for me, the light rings around acceleration gates seem to be back where they are supposed to be.

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