Blue Dots

How do I get rid of the blue dots next to the forum sections when I click the 3 bars to the upper right corner next to the search icon and the list of all the sections show up to the left?

These blue dots are there even though I have visited the sections and the threads within them.
I cannot find an option to prevent those blue dots from appearing.
I have also made sure to untrack each thread I visited.

Thank you.

Those blue dots are an indication of a ‘new thread’.

Open the thread, read through to the end, refresh the forum page and you’ll see the dot is gone. Or just ignore the dots if you’re not interested in that particular topic.


Having the Blue Dots blues :expressionless:


If you mark the “unread” threads as read, you will see less of them. Also by default, any thread you created or replied to is marked as “tracking” you can set it back to normal or just watching, muting will ignore it.

Already did that.

Already did that.

Still having the Blue Dots Blues :neutral_face:

Have you tried setting it to Wumbo?

Eye doctor?

Better than that god-awful red dot on new items in your inventory that they implemented a few years ago…