Blue Explosions

Hi guys, I started as many of you did by mining. I enjoyed it, found it therapeutic and relaxing, and then i went into an anomaly and tried my hand at a bit of ratting. soo much better than mining and more ISK as well.

So, i found my new hobby, parked my miner up and got my VNI out and started going into anomaly sites. I am only going into highsec areas at the moment as the corp im with are based in a 0.5 system.

Obviously when not online im doing a bit of research, i.e. going on the internet at work and looking up things about ratting instead of doing work (how boring). I read about blue explosions that happen every now and then which indicates that you have unlocked a new area or an agent will offer you a special mission or something. Well i have been in many anomalies and seen lots of blue explosions but dont get anything offered to me or see a new area or anything. So, whats everyone on about when they say blue explosions are good as you get or see new areas etc?

Can you perhaps provide a link, I have never heard of the term “blue explosions”.

However, it sounds like what is described is what is known as an escalation. Certain sites escalate into a new (harder) site in a different system. The location of this site will only be known by you (although others can combat scan you down and steal the site if they so wish.) This location can be found in the agency (exploration – escalations, if I remember correctly.)

For example, according to Eve Uni ( an Angel Hideaway may escalate into a DED 3/10 ( Not all anomalies can escalate though.

Yes thats it escalations, apparently it happens whenever you get a blue explosion compared to the usual (normal) orange explosion. Its very distinguishable. apparently you can also sell the bookmark to it too in chat.

cant remember the site i read it, i go through so many.

I saw one the other day that reads the markets and tells you the profits if your willing to jump to it, but bugger me if i can find that site again.

I’ve never heard there is a correlation between the explosion type and whether or not you get an escalation.

The blue explosions are rarer, and can be seen in all types of content, but as far as I know, the RNG for the explosion type and escalation gain are unrelated to each other.

ok, so how will i know if i get an escalation?

You get a popup window, hard to miss.

I never noticed the explosion colour tbh, but then I usually play fairly zoomed out.

ok, some good info here guys. thank you.

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as others said, no “blue explosion”, just a pop up window, and then in “the agency” window, in the “escalation” section you will have the escalation with the type and the location
and getting an escalation from a combat site is a quite rare event. You can farm several dozens of sites without getting one. RNG, luck etc…

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