Blue-Fire - Low Class WH Corp (Late USTZ)

Blue-Fire is back and recruiting!

We’re a low-class wormhole corp currently living in a C2 with a Static HS/C4. We’ve been dead for 3 years and have been reinvigorated with our move back into wormhole space.

Right now we’re looking for new members in the US EST TZ but if you’re EU our one euro guy would also like friends.

We offer access to basically every section of space through our wormhole chain with easy logistics through the highsec. Our content mostly consists of nullsec roams and shooting structures for content and loot. Of course the threat of other wormholers is constant but the amount of content can change on an hourly basis.
Our killboard sums us up better than I can

What we’re looking for:

  • Can fly basically everything subcapital (SP of 80mil or so)
  • Leshaks 5 and Large disintegrator 5
  • Ability to be Self Sufficient as we don’t do group PVE
  • Knowledge of how to use siggy/scanning

If you’re interested hop in our pub channel blue-fire or contact me directly.

Always looking for new members

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