Blue measuring circle - how remove?

Since one of the recent updates I am continually activating what appears to be a ?new measuring feature. Its annoying as I am not sure what command, if any, activates it, or how I get rid of it.

While active the sort by distance feature in the overview is locked, and it is really getting in the way of hunting down victims, er, friends.

  1. Is this feature new, and if so what is its formal name?
  2. What are the commands that turn it on and off?
  3. How do I get rid of it forever?

Dr F

It is. It is there so that you can approach a specific point in space or send fighters to a specific point in space.

Most likely Q for Approach.

Don’t use Q.

That looks like the orbit ring. When you approach the range of orbiting, that’s what it will look like until you start orbiting the object of choice.

Thanks for the help - but doesn’t solve the issue:

Approach has no effect: I can be stationary in space with no objects selected and it is still measuring where my mouse is in space. Indeed it still tries to measure even when I am clicking on dialog boxes such as places or overview…

Its not the orbit circle - same color, but it measures distance and angle.

How do I turn this off? It appears to be on constantly. It gets in the way of any attempts at manual flying or orientation.

I have a custom keyboard map: can someone point me to what this is called in setup/modules? its driving me crazy…

The measuring feature is called ‘Tactical Overlay’ and can be turned off by pressing CTRL-D, or by clicking on the Tactical Overlay button left of your ship’s capacitor, health and stuff.

You don’t seem to know how it works. Let me explain it. It requires two mouse clicks. The steps on how you use it are:

  1. Press Q-key for Approach and hold the key down.

  2. Press the left mouse button to set the direction and horizontal distance.

  3. Press the left mouse button again to set the up- or downward angle.

  4. Release Q-key and the ship will now approach the position in space.

Basically what it does is to let you enter a 3D vector (a radial vector) to which your ship will approach to in space. You can use it to fly to any free point in space and hold it.

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