Blue status for hauling/trading


I’ve become more interested in trading within EVE. However, it seems that unless someone has connections, that haulers are destined to operate exclusively in high sec or null sec.

Is there such a thing as null sec/low sec corps/alliances/coalitions giving blue (friendly) status to high sec corps/alliances for trading/hauling purposes and vice versa?

The simplest answer is no, the simplest solution is your own alts to handle your own business in various blocs. There’s a bunch of complicated stuff in between all that.

Outside of being directly affiliated with the alliances that control the region of space you want to operate in… probably not. You might want to join PushX or Red Frog Freight, the largest two freight organizations in the game; if any non-affiliated entity has connections, they will. I know PushX does in fact have partnerships (in terms of freighting safely) - it’s why they have an approved structures list and PushX structures.


If you want to make it easier to do hauling/trading, you could join up with one of the many service “corps” that deal with hauling like PushX or RedFrog.

Get out of my head Archer!!

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You are out of line, young man!

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Thanks for the responses.

It’s a shame that it’s locked down. I don’t really want to create alts to join various factions and have to skill up those alts. Or to join a service corp. But it is what it is.

People rely on reputation, and you could try to build yourself up, but when most people are more than likely to go with pushx (my preference) or redfrog than some unknown, sometimes choices have to be made.

I guess it depends on what you are actually trying to do. It may be pedantic but in EVE you can consider trading and hauling 2 distinct professions. Trading being the buying and selling on the market and hauling, well hauling.

If you are trying to market trade, don’t waste your time hauling, pay one of the service corps to do it for you. If you want to haul into LS/NS get a JF.

It really does depend on what type of trading/hauling you want to do. I had one corpie who loved hauling contracts thru lowsec. Another used to buy up low/null firesale contracts and haul them to hisec and make a packet.

Myself I often haul out loot via jspace, which is fun in itself if the scanning don’t kill yer.

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Talk to someone at Red Frog

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My advice: Train Blockade Runner and Deep Space Transport.

Also, practise using WHs to find quick routes that only last a short while and make use of these.

If you can, use a scout alt.

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Brandon, the first test in whether you will survive a hauling career is whether or not you believe anything from Aiko


Yes, because Aiko Danuja is the most honest person around. Without her blessing, it is difficult to become a good hauler.

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no. and anyone who says otherwise is trying to bait out your hauler full of goods so they can kill you the moment you enter the system.


As many others have said “no”, but even if a null sec corp were to give you friendly status, this wouldn’t mean you’d be safe in their space. You’d be hauling around without access to the intel channels and response fleets which make null sec “safe” for the people that live there.

You’d be leaving a very pleasant surprise for the first frigate gang that crosses your path.

No, but why bother, there are so much business opportunities outside of sov null.

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