Booming market

Hello, why doesent a video game company change its CEO when the video game industry is doing this:

But the success of this particular video game company is doing this:

I’m experiencing a Deja vu right now. I swear I’ve seen such a thread before. :thinking:

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Perhaps because one graph appears to measure currency and the other, players.

I, for instance, am only one player. However, I discovered that my gankers were hobbled by the increased firepower required following the most recent buff to certain mining vessels. I was forced to sub an extra Omega account to make up the shortfall.

CCP retains the same one player but makes more money from him. For all we know (certainly from your example), the company could be drowning in coin - but it is being provided by fewer and fewer people (and they’re probably not the anti-gankers, many of whom are notoriously mean).

There is ALOT of context and backstory behind that revenue graph.

Companies can do more w/o actually creating anything new or innovative thus profits go up.

And remember “innovative” is how business is done not the way we do things. (improvement)

This is coming from a business major here… But anyone regardless of formal education can figure out the basic facts and story behind the graphs you posted.

There. It wasn’t a deja vu.

That aside, I wish EVE had more active players. Like 60-100k concurrent players during prime time.


MMO market rough

Wow, you must be from the future! Accurately predicting revenues 5 years out!! Looks like the massive recent layoffs in the industry haven’t hurt anything at all! Great to hear? Any good stock picks we should know about as well?

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