Boost gameplay, content

High sec has been getting the content for too long, its time to get some content to null sec sites, small station sites, doable with two carriers and up or three BS.

That shouldn’t be an issue with alphas taking advantage of it, IP blocking, geographical IP algorithms should do the trick. In the worst case it has an effect block alphas to BC, that’s powerfull enough and all they need for the top tier mission they can do. No i don’t thing alphas should do incursions and invasions. That’s high level content and it should be restricted to paying customers which with plexxing is doable with 4-6 months even casual alphas.

We want new AI, balanced npc that present a bigger challenge and more rewards. A new shield logi BS like nestor is for armor is also long overdue.

Finally PLEX price has been keeping steady and a switch from the ludicrous emergent sites in high sec to null contend, for example 11-11 DED sites, should not be a problem small term.

tottaly not like my text, but there it goes. Anyone who manages to get the meaning please reply.

It’s “Content” not “Contend”, but other than that I have no idea what you’re trying to say. It seems like really bad ideas though.

I’m pretty sure there are people living in Null sec that consider the hassles and insecurity of this type of life incentive enough for higher yield pve content in null. Strange that noone has taken a stance.
example would be +15% more BS spawns in medium to high sites and 2 extra waves.

Explain what you mean by the statement above.

well being a computer science Bsc holder, i know that they can block the IP (address of a PC\laptop on the internet) to only allow one alpha account. Furthermore there is geographical information on the IP system, so they can even limit the amount of alpha bots a naughty can launch using different IP addresses, i.e. having a 4G router and an ADSL router at the same time.