Booster queue

Can we have a Booster queue like we have a Skill queue please?

Would be useful to queue up a few cereberal accelerator boosters to match our skill queue without interruption.


Oh… you are back, posting 1-2 sentence forum post that has no relevance or in the wrong forum sections.


Would be cool wouldn’t it.

Cannibal Kane with the lovely golden mane perhaps???

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I don’t know, is that too much to ask?

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Yes that would be me… as the original owner of Cannibal Kane.

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So you’re asking for the automatic manipulation of objects in-game without being in-game?

Yeah, no. Sorry. If you want to use your cerebral accelerators, log in and use them.

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maybe at least will be good if you will be able to add 1 booster for automatical use so you wont need to know when exactly your current booster will end

So… with your logic, if we want to use our skill training, we have to log in and click them.

We already have a skill QUEUE, this is basically the same thing for cereberal accelerators.

Shall we remove the skill queue?

What is the point of this?

Boosters don’t work the same way grinding SP works…

There’s a subtle but important difference here:

Skill training doesn’t’ involve manipulating any in-game items. The only exception are for injecting skill books which you can’t do via the training queue. (Not that this matters much now that you can just inject skills directly for ISK, but I digress).

Activating a booster requires manipulating an in-game item, specifically you have to consume the booster.

I’m generally in favor of queues and such as long as they only take the place of actions that actually change the in-game state of items.

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I think they’re specifically addressing cerebral accelerators, which do boost SP gains.

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