Bored in a station waiting for things to happen - add minigames


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So I bet everyone found them self waiting in station for stuff to happen. Due to some delays… or low fleet numbers or that one guy who has to do 10 more jumps or more.
Or you are simply waiting on a gate camp and the day is really slow.
Would it not be nice to have some minigames to pass the time? Sure we have project discovery but that gets old quick.
So some VS games like EVE themed chess, checkers, cards, asteroids, puzzle games, atlantis, simplyfied 2d ship racing etc… Or SP games to.
It would give little bit of isk probebly as much as project discovery time/isk and it would make sure ppl just dont log of to play something else becose they got bored to death waiting for something to happen.

Sure you can say just ALT+TAB and play something else but if you get some tiny rewards from minigames in game it keeps player in the game rather on some website or different game

(Rivr Luzade) #2

points towards Project Discovery
points towards exploration in space

Matter of fact, all mini-games become old and boring quick because they are always the same thing.

(Nevyn Auscent) #3

Project discovery changes on a regular basis for exactly the reason you are talking about. If you are having to wait that long for fleets, just get FC permission to spin out and spend 15 minutes in the belts with a miner while you wait. Since you have the advantage of having a ready fleet right there already if someone tries to hot drop you even.

(Hunter Anubis) #4

Project discovery changes like what? once every 6 months to a year?
Yea you cant really go mining in a WH if youre suposed to be on stand by and there are no belts. Or during a gate camp or while bashing tower in TPPH in incursions. Besides youd have to have a mining ship in all station AND mining isnt really active way of spending time.
Same goes for scanning. If you run of scaning to system next door then youre the one whose being waited on.

(Your Ex-Girlfriend) #5

Your lack of willingness to participate in the activities already provided is not sufficient cause to create more things you will likely also be unwilling to participate in.

(Uriel the Flame) #6

You can always play the double your ISK minigame at your local trade hub and who knows in the end you might even have your ISK doubled several times in the end. :wink:

(Mr Lopez) #7

This is more like the walking in stations stuff that was killed off…

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(Uriel the Flame) #9

You can also play other games while afk mining / ratting. :wink:

(Bjorn Tyrson) #10

Gameception right here

(Hunter Anubis) #11

Fine smart ass what will you do fleet leaves in 15 minutes your sitting incursion HQ system your only ship there is an incursion ship how do you pass time?

Youre gatecamping waiting for something to jump thru as a logi how do you kill time?

youre kicking someone out of WH youve locked down all entrances now youre watching station / WH entrances what do you do to pass time in game.

Youre waiting for last fleet member to come to station so you can head out as fleet in HS what do you do to pass time?

And youre tired of project discovery.

Im really curious what youll come up with

(Toran Mallow) #12

Planetary interaction
Project Discovery
Kerbal Space Program

What more do you lazy people need?

(Old Pervert) #13

I’m not sure “lazy” is the right term. Riddlin-Addled perhaps?

Regardless, I agree, there’s plenty to spend 15 mins doing. For that matter, OP can just open up a web browser and play a flash game that already exists and CCP won’t have to build a solution at all.

As for an in-game mini-game offering isk rewards, no. Your reward is entertainment. Project Discovery is not fun, which is why there is a reward.

(Tiddle Jr) #14

In game Solitare where cards have spaceship skins.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #15

The code for slay is probably collecting dust somewhere.

Edit: Sure enough, the icons are still there in the Eve game files.





(Gadget Helmsdottir) #16


But I know I would lose time if there were a EvE themed Tetris clone in station.

Make it Omega Only though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

–Comrade Gadget

Edit: Seriously, though. They took out the music player. They took out the browser. They tried to take out ship-spinning. I do not see them actually adding in something like a pure time waster. At least Project Discovery serves another purpose.

(Hunter Anubis) #17

with MP it would be nice time waster in EVE

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